Where to go with kids

6 amusement parks in Europe, which you didn’t know.

Where to go on holiday with the kids? And that cheap ticket, and fly far away, was than children to take and do. Fly close and not very expensive is, most likely to Europe, but what about the remaining paragraphs? European amusement parks – the most suitable in this case here it is possible to find something for the child and yourself to have fun, and if you choose not famous Disneyland Paris, but an alternative to him, you also avoid Queuing and hustling tourists. All the parks are close to major European cities or directly in the cities themselves. Impressions will last a long time!

1. Europa park rust, Germany

The second most visited Park in Europe (after Disneyland Paris). The Park is divided into 11 parts, each of which is a separate country in miniature. Here you can arrange a rafting “Norwegian fjordal” to catch a London taxi to see the fairytale characters in “the enchanted forest” fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, and even visit “Moscow Gum” and roam environments of sunflowers on the Russian village, to fly on the simulator and buy Baba Yaga (not nastoyashuyu, of course, and puppet). Well, part of accelerate to 130 km/h on a roller coaster or up to 70 km / h on the “Greek” waterslide 850 m! By the way, Europa-Park just 60 km from Strasbourg international: here you and German pretzels, French Brasserie and a charming narrow streets mixed with urban channels. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the legendary Cathedral.

2. Lieseberg Funpark. Gothenburg, Sweden.

The most interesting thing in this Park, in addition to other standard entertainment is a wooden roller coaster ”Baldur”, which has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the world, and, of course, the AtmosFear tower with a height of 116 meters, which takes you to the top in 90 seconds, and then… went downstairs in just 3 and a bit seconds! Such entertainment is only for the most desperate children and their brave parents. Parents, don’t forget that in Gothenburg there are real beaches and canals for boat trips – a kind of Scandinavian Venice. And here is a fantastically prepared seafood.

3. Ferrari World. Abu Dhabi, UAE

A Paradise for kids (yeah, and big) boys! The world’s largest theme Park is indoors, just 150 km from the luxurious Dubai. On the territory of 200 000 square meters what is there: a children driving school with special Ferrari is small in size, racing, the world’s largest Galleria Ferrari (Maranello where is Ferrari factory) and Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world (up to 240 km per hour!). For younger riders there is a soft play room where you can control a toy Ferrari with the remote. In the Park the whole family can ride on Ferrari in Italy in miniature! By the way, did you know that in Abu Dhabi there is a camel market and a huge number of lush parks?

4. Tibidado. Barcelona

Basically should come here because of the amazing view, because the Park is located on the mountain over mount Tibidabo, from where you can admire the panorama of Barcelona. You can fly on vintage aircraft that, which will make its first flight from Madrid to Barcelona in 1927, to laugh in the famous hall of distorting mirrors Miramiralls and go to view the bike or in a 4-D cinema. Teenage adrenaline junkies will definitely enjoy walking through the “deserted hospital”, where from the corner and then there are the ghosts. Don’t forget to take some bread and ham: the Park has a lot of lawns for family picnics.

5. Park Tripsdrill. 45 km from Stuttgart, Germany

This is not only a theme Park but a zoo where you can pet and feed the animals. Part of the Park forest area of 47 hectares with rare species of deer, polar bears and wild sheep, which (if possible) you can feed directly with hands! After talking with animals younger guests can drive through the Park on a plywood car, and even down at the bubbling stream in a huge VAT of Laundry. Ah adults also have something interesting: Vinarium wine Museum with a wine cellar and, of course, tasting. Another small tip for parents: in the heart of Stuttgart there are the vineyards, the Porsche Museum and Mercedes Museum.

6. The Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen

Third in attendance and one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. Here is a ride on the old wooden rollercoaster Rutschebanen, the world’s tallest carousel, The Star Flyer or watch guards parade, but unusual, and children: the role of the guards are boys 9 to 16 years. The Park is literally covered by a carpet of flowers and fountains, and in the evening there are stunning light show, not to mention fabulous evening illumination. The tale was not confined within the Park: Copenhagen dotted with colorful “gingerbread” houses, and there are a huge number of museums to suit every taste and free bikes!

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