Wave entertainment

To start with water attractions of Europe, you can “Mirabilandia” (Mirabilandia) – a huge theme Park, located between Rimini and Ravenna.

The area of “Mirabilandia” – 750 thousand square meters. It is the largest amusement Park of Italy and the third largest in Europe. “Mirabilandia”, whose title can be translated as “Wonderland”, is second in area only Parisian “the Disneyland” and the Spanish “Port Aventura”.

It is a relatively young Park, which opened in 1992. There are 40 rides. Business cards “Mirabilandia” – the highest on mainland Europe, the Ferris wheel Eurowheel, a height of 90 meters (just above the famous Ferris wheel London eye is 130 meters). The structure of the “Eurocodes” and its mechanisms did the Russian experts, and booths designed by Italian engineers and designers. Famous Mirabilandia well as the auto show “School of police”, which, according to rumors, all stunt – came from Russia. Here you can see the performances of Russian theater on ice, visit the 4D theatre and a fantastic evening laser show.

The entire theme Park is designed in the style of the pirates: an entry is made in the form of the castle-fortress, everywhere apart from the barrels (or gunpowder, or rum), hanging skeletons. All generously decorated with shells, stones, ropes, tied in knots, and anchors. Big kolichestvennykh theme is one of the features of the Park. There is also a separate water Park Mirabilandia Beach, covering an area of 100 thousand square meters.

The main attraction of “Mirabilandia Beach” – a huge water slide Niagara: trolley at full speed and crash into the water, raising a huge column of spray. For young children and their fearful mothers more suitable calm “Angel’s river”, which peacefully cruising boats – no extreme and noise.

The main Park is open from April to October, the water Park is from mid-July until September.

“Europe-Park” (Europa Park) – the second most popular and visited Park in the Old world, located in the German Federal state of Baden-württemberg, near the small town of rust. Each year the fleet Europe is visited by about 4.5 million people, so it looks like the entire adult population of the rust in the season of working in the entertainment industry. At least since the opening in 1975, the welfare of citizens is clearly increased.

“Chip” is the largest German Park of 65 hectares – a large number of zones (11), which is a mini-copy of the European countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, England, Scandinavia (Northern States United in one area), and Russia and the Russian countryside filled with sunflowers and bells ringing.

Just Park about a hundred different rides and shows. The highest – accelerates to 130 km/h roller coaster “Silver star”, reaching 75 metres. One of the most popular attraction of the “Blue fire”, located on the “Icelandic land” in the area “Scandinavia”, but built on the money of Gazprom, and one of the most unusual attractions – downhill “Swiss bobsled”.

In “Europa-Park” a great water attractions. The most outstanding attraction Atlantica SuperSplash, the longest – “Poseidon” with a water slide with a length of 850 meters, from which brave souls travelling at the speed of 70 km/h (it is located in the area “Greece”). There is rafting in the “Norwegian fjords”, where recreated the unique natural beauty of the Northern landscape. It’s all very believable: the boats are passing through the treacherous raging streams and waterfalls. Dry never get out of here!

If you feel the spirit of the pioneer and the traveler should visit the attraction “the Boat of Columbus” in the zone “Spain” – as if will visit the ship era of the great Navigator and even gets in a storm (be careful of those who do not have a good vestibular system, can rock).

A visit to the Gauls

Theme Park Asterix (Parc Asterix), as you can guess by its name, is a fictional world, a tribe of Gauls from the famous French comic “Asterix and Obelix”, which shot funny cartoons and comedies with such stars as Gerard Depardieu, Christian clavier, Monica Bellucci and Alain Delon. The Park is located in the heart of Playa, in the Department of Oise, you can reach it via the A1 motorway “Paris-Lille” (just 30 km from the French capital).

“Asterix” was opened in the spring of 1989. After the “Futuroscope” and “Disneyland” is the third most visited Park of France, in the year it attracts 1.8 million people. In the Park “Asterix” 32 rides, including six roller coasters and four water. The Park is divided into five zones – “Ancient Gaul”, “Roman Empire” “Ancient Greece”, “Viking” and “Medieval Paris”, and each one has its own unique attractions. A distinctive national character attach to the Park “the Forest of the druids” and “Village of the Gauls”.

A large number of water attractions and views – feature “Asterix”. Hot summer here come the Parisians with children and residents of other surrounding towns, because only here you can escape from the heat and burning stone bridges. By the way, the usual theme parks queues on the most extreme and fun rides not here – after all, the Park is not so large, the French call it “home”.

The kids love famous all over the country Dolphin show that runs all summer at the Dolphinarium “Theatre of Poseidon”. In addition to a performance with marine mammals, there is a huge pool with transparent walls of glass through which you can observe marine life and their games. In the other pool with the dolphins you can even swim – emotions get the inexpressible. Park Asterix is open from April to September.

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