Tours to Disneyland Paris in the spring !

Daily departures from St. Petersburg, accommodation in hotel 2*-5* from 2 nights.

What: tours in Disneyland When: April-may 2016 Cost: 48 877 R. per person with flights and transfers (at the exchange rate at the end of March, subject to change).

A great way to please your child – to help him (and yourself) an amazing trip, tour to France. in Disneyland Paris! Stay in this wonderful international children’s entertainment center is exactly what every child needs! We offer you tours of any size and duration. For example, you can arrange a tour exclusively to Disneyland, and you can plan a full vacation in France with excursions to the most romantic capital of the world – Paris. The details of the program please apply to our managers !

Staying for a few days in one of the hotels of the Disneyland resort, you will get many benefits. You will not need to spend time and money on a trip to Paris, a fun Park you will have a discount (so-called”happy hours”), some days to visit the Park will be from 8 am — to ride the best rides, no queues, and your children will turn out “total immersion” in a story — each of the hotels of the Disneyland resort is decorated in the style corresponding to one of the thematic sections of the Park.

Depending on budget, you can stay in the Central Disneyland Hotel, and in any of the nearby hotels. From any of them you will be provided with free transportation to the Park and all the amenities needed for a family holiday.

When staying at any of the hotels you will be provided with ID card by Disney (Disney card) providing free transportation to Disneyland, swimming pool, gym, disco. In most of the hotels offers a Fastpass (the fast pass for rides). When booking you can order half Board, it is possible to visit Breakfast or lunch. In this case, you will have the opportunity to visit the restaurants of Disneyland (7 or 17 restaurants, depending on the paid package). When traveling with children it can be a convenient option.

The theme is almost the main reason why people go to Disneyland Paris. To talk about every single just does not make sense, because they are in the Park a few dozen, about 50. It’s difficult to choose a classification, divided into groups, because almost every of them is unique and deserves special attention.

Tickets are sold on the principle of “acquired once and can ride all day on anything and what you want.” At the entrance to the Park you can get a map of Disneyland to make it easier to navigate in the Park — where to go and what to see.

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