“Trolley descent”

Riding the new ride “Trolley descent” in the Park of extreme entertainments “freestyle” for adults and children

Coupon provides the opportunity to ride the rides “Trolley descent” in the resort’s extreme Park “freestyle” .

Children’s tickets:

One ride on the attraction “the descent of the Trolley” for a single child in the resort’s extreme Park “freestyle” is 200 RUB 400 RUB.

Three downhill ride “Trolley shot” for one child in the resort’s extreme Park “freestyle” 540 instead of RUB 1200 RUB.

Five descents on the ride “Trolley shot” for one child in the resort’s extreme Park “freestyle” instead of 800 RUB 2000 RUB.

Adult tickets:

One ride on the attraction “Trolley shot” for one adult in the resort’s extreme Park “freestyle” 225 RUB, instead of 500 RUB. Continue reading

Holidays in Turkey

Do you think that Turkey is only the sea, sun, banana boating and animation in the hotel?

Indeed, the beaches here are very good. The shores of this country is washed by four seas, and the climate is very warm. The ratio of prices and quality of the service always pleases tourists, and that is why it is one of the most popular destinations. The majority of our compatriots is associating a holiday in Turkey tours “all inclusive” and I think that after this trip friends and work colleagues are not surprised interesting adventure stories.

Believe me, Turkey is something to see! Holidays here can be very diverse at any time of the year.

Lovers of winter sports can visit the wonderful ski resorts. For example, Uludag, access to which you will be able in just half an hour from the airport of Istanbul. Here you will appreciate the well-developed infrastructure and excellent tracks. Want to improve your health, relieve fatigue and stress? Then select a Wellness or treatment tour, bathing in hot thermal springs resort of Pamukkale. Taking baths with healing waters of this resort – one of the secrets is famous for its beauty of Queen Cleopatra. Continue reading

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