Top 10 adventure Parks where you can actively relax

There are places where the boundaries are blurred between parents and children. Where grandmothers will compete in the race with their grandchildren without remembering the age and fatigue. There are places where adults are in one line with the kids, looking forward to the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Park amusements. Is – adventure parks. entertainment, amusement and recreation. I’m all for activity and recently visited “The Adventure Park” in the Lovcen National Park in Montenegro, while as observer of the children, but the place added to the list of fit and next time I will try to be more active to spend the day with family. Continuing the theme of presenting the top 10 most popular and interesting parks for the whole family!

1 Disneyland in Orlando (USA)

Without exaggeration, the most gorgeous and amazing amusement Park in the world and occupies 11 thousand hectares and is located in the heart of Florida. The scale of this Park are such that all other Disneyland — Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, and Spain combined account for only half of it! To go everywhere and try all the rides (but worth it), and not enough weeks. At night, the Park also works, but with a theme for adults: rock-cafes, discos, Golf clubs, restaurants, etc. In the year this Park is visited by over 20 million tourists.

2 Disneyland in Tokyo (Japan)

The first Park of the same topics outside of the US is Tokyo Disneyland.Since 1983, it grows and acquires its unique atmosphere. For example, in Japanese his name – disny – Rando! And nothing else. Between the 4 thematic areas monorail, and in addition to the amazing sea and mountain rides, it will help to get to cozy corners, made in a purely Japanese style. Tours in Japanese “Disney” is the second most popular in the world.

3 Disneyland Paris (France)

Guess where he was going more tourists than the Louvre and the Eiffel tower? Yes, here it is! 200 acres located a city of entertainment and dizzying rides. Here all as in a fairy tale, and this is no exaggeration: theme parks, ice rinks, lakes, rivers, shops, cafes, restaurants and of course the huge number of attractions. And this is again a clear example of the possibility of a joint holiday with the whole family!

4 Port Aventura (Spain)

This Park is considered the best in Europe due to its diversity and wealth of choice. The Park is a harmonious Union of five different countries and continents: China, Polynesia, Mediterranean, Mexico, and the America of the Wild West. All recreated with maximum precision, right down to the clothing of staff and national dishes at the many cafes and restaurants. Throughout are magnificent attractions for both children and their parents. And, of course, every day there is a new bright and memorable show for visitors.

5 Europa Park (Germany)

This Park is the largest in Europe, and in 2010 was recognized as the most original and interesting. It consists of 11 different areas devoted to different countries — both real and fabulous. In addition to the mass of the original rides, there are old castles and palaces with jousting tournaments and a troupe of actors and musicians.

Well-known children’s designer LEGO, and perhaps many have heard about the existence of the namesake theme parks. Today in the world there are six and each one is built from the famous details of the design. Legoland in Denmark consists of 8 themed areas and several parks. More than 40 different rides surprise with their originality. Also, there is a driving school for children, the Toyota Traffic School, after which the child receives the children’s driver’s license.

In explanation beloved of many comics, or rather, their charismatic character, created Park Asterix. In 5 theme zones, and they are all of the stories about rowdy Galle. From one attraction to the next, visitors travel through the whole of Gallic history. Most of the entertainment in the water Park – that was the idea creators. And this is one of the most interesting parks adventure “not disney” theme.

This Park is a lot of interesting rides, and the Studio at the same time. It was founded by Warner Bros. and was originally conceived thematically related to the movie characters. Here and recreated the streets of new York, and towns of the Wild West, and the palaces of the East padishahs. The most popular is the Hollywood Museum.

It is the largest amusement Park in Italy and it is the most aquatic of all. There is entertainment for all ages of visitors. For children created a huge play space, in which the alternate rides, water parks and exciting game show. Adults also can take the original boat and go on a relaxing trip on the picturesque lake Garda. Of course, the water slides in this Park, almost all with great speeds and unimaginable turns, which is the main “highlight” of Gardaland.

Not to say about this Park was impossible. It is here that built the world’s largest number of rides– 68! Only one of the roller coasters there are 14 (and the highest in the world – one of them). In addition, visitors open, the theaters, parks, hotels, cafes and restaurants. All of this in abundance and in a very interesting, original design. If you ever have the opportunity to visit any of these parks adventure – do not think a single second! Forward, and you will not regret about anything, and bright impressions will remain for a lifetime!

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