Theme parks of Russia

Krasnaya Polyana. Sochi.

The development of tourism worldwide helps people to learn more about other countries and spend time and host States to earn good money, as tourists leave the resorts a significant amount of money. One of the mechanisms to attract more travellers is to organize theme parks. All over the world such tourist facilities are in great demand and every year there are millions of visitors. For Russia, such infrastructure is still new, but their popularity is growing, and the creators actively use the unique opportunities of our country.

So, 5 theme parks operating in Russia

“My Russia”, Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

This ethnographic Park, dedicated to the diverse culture and unique attractions of our great country. It was built before the Olympic games in 2014. Walking through its territory, can be a few hours to pass the main geographical regions of the country, to admire its architecture and to taste the cuisine in the region peoples.

Stanitsa Cossack “Ataman” in Taman, Krasnodar Krai

This is one of the oldest theme parks in Russia, it is dedicated to the everyday life of the Kuban Cossacks of the period of XVIII—XIX centuries. All the buildings are reproduced with historical accuracy and local workers in the reality show, how to live kazakiv the past.

The Residence Of Ded Moroz, Veliky Ustyug

The habitat of this fantastic hero has long remained a mystery to many kids, but now it’s revealed, and everyone knows that father frost lives in Veliky Ustyug, and it is even possible to go on a visit. Here kids can go on the path of fairy tales, to communicate with animals and learn different crafts from birch bark and flax, and, of course, chat with Santa Claus himself in his house.

Sochi-Park, Adler

Sochi Park is organized as Disneyland, but with local specificity, because the basis of it is not the American cartoons and Russian fairy tales. Here you can see the Snake-dragon, the Firebird, Baba Yaga, flying ships and more. The Park consists of 6 lands: Alley Lights; land of Heroes; Enchanted Forest;Sea Kingdom;Eco-village;the Edge of Science and Fiction.

Park of miracles “Galileo” in Novosibirsk

One of the most original theme parks — it is also dedicated to the entertainment, but special research. It is designed primarily for children, but adults can learn a lot about the physical laws of the world and to personally conduct a variety of experiments.

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