Theme parks in the United States

USA – the country with the highest percentage of all kinds of amusement parks per capita in the world. Almost every state has its own Park with roller coasters and a water Park (with the size and wealth of this or that Park serve as a major help to the reputation of the state not only in the tourism industry, but even in politics or culture), many historical and cultural sites which are broken small theme parks, dozens or even hundreds of different natural areas, where there are also rides and many other entertainment facilities.

The world-famous theme parks of Walt Disney, which is one of the founders of the American system of parks. The first Disneyland was opened in Anaheim (California) in 1955, and since then the rich and amazing imagination of not only children but also adults similar parks appeared in many cities of the country and even abroad. One of them is Walt Disney world resort is the largest entertainment Park in the world (its area is more than 11.3 thousand hectares, opened in 1971). Moreover, in many States arch entertainment form these mini-cities – in Los Angeles, for example, you can see and world-famous theme Park Disneyland (Anaheim) and thematic parkinsonii Universal Studios. And the biggest Safari Park in the world – Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari is located in Jackson (new Jersey).

As a characteristic feature of the local “tourist landscape” can be considered the water parks. Just in USA more than a thousand of these entertainment complexes, each of which has a specific focus. And if you add to this the numerous aquariums and aquariums (they often have their water parks), which were built and are being built not only in coastal cities, but far from the sea, then the US will have around 2100 water entertainment complexes (one only Las Vegas has more than a hundred). The city of Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin), which accounted for 18 parks (two of them – Neues-Arc and Kalahari resort is considered the largest in the US) can claim the role of world capital of water parks.

It turns out that to build a house improvised a very common phenomenon. If earlier built of logs and stone, the modern world provides a lot more possibilities.

From above it looks like a big rectangular cover, tearing the endless line of skyscrapers. And in fact the Park is not very large and 800 meters wide and 4 kilometers in length.

This is the part of the oldest Hollywood studios of the now-functioning, given over to the amusement Park. Here are tours of real film-making pavilions of the Studio

We’re big fans of LEGO and not like they could not miss this Park. I will say, in Florida, in addition to Legoland, we went to two disney parks. For my taste, Legoland is much better.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a garden with an area of 21 hectares, which was founded over 100 years ago in Brooklyn. If you’re in new York be sure to go.

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