The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme Park in Orlando

At the time, the popularity of books about Harry Potter beat all records. In anticipation of the premiere of the next edition was a flutter of many fans of the novel, Rowling around the world. Not surprisingly, in the summer of 2010 year, Universal Studios Florida opened in Orlando, the theme Park the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

The start of construction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was announced in 2007, the year when Universal Orlando has received from JK Rowling and Warner Bros film concern the rights to create a large theme Park. The Grand opening was held on 18 June 2010 of the year, but the first honorary visitors were able to travel back into the magical world of Harry Potter for 27 may.

And even though JK Rowling in the opening of the theme Park Wizarding World of Harry Potter did not participate, the main character of her novel the triumph was not. Daniel Radcliffe accompanied by Rupert Grinta “arrived” at the opening ceremony in the flying blue Ford and taken a magic wand and declared the Park open.

The main attraction of the Park is the slide “Harry Potter and the forbidden journey”. On it visitors can travel around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and see the most famous scenes from the Harry Potter books.

The largest building in the Park Harry Potter’s famous school Chromeehounds. Here, as in the book and films are the Cabinet of its Directors Albus Dumbledore, the living room of Gryffindor, defense against the Dark arts and other areas of the school, where the unfolding events of the novel by JK Rowling. In addition, the Park visitors will find an impressive encounter with the Dementors, giant spiders, dragons and surepay Rattlesnake Willow and match Quidico and exciting flight over Hogwarts.

A particular interest among fans of the magical world is the shop of Mr. Ollivander’s where Harry Potter got his first wand. Here everyone will be able to pass the test and get your own magic wand.

After a long walk through the Magical World of Harry Potter will be a bite to eat at Three broomsticks, which serves popular in the Wizarding world, pumpkin juice and butterbeer, as well as national dishes.

Theme Park Wizarding World of Harry Potter, gives its visitors the amazing world of magic and fantasy. An amazing journey it will be long remembered by both adults and children.

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