The Warner Brothers Madrid

The Warner brothers Park in Madrid (on the Internet often looking for it as a “Park Warner Bros”) is a theme Park located about an hour away by public transport from the capital of Spain. If you are in Madrid with a child and you have the “extra day” – definitely worth to come here for a day.

Park Warner Bros – themed project designed to support the interest in the production of the film – the characters of her films and cartoons. In this case, it is the famous Tom and Jerry . dog Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo), rabbit bugs Bunny (bugs Bunny), Batman (Batman), Superman, the Comedy “Police Academy series” for Teens “Smallville” and “Charmed”, cartoon, cartoon network TV channel . However, even if You don’t know them all – your own children will tell you about the characters that will be encountered here.

The mood and the adventures of all these characters filled with themed areas and rides in the Park. As is often the case in the Park “Warner brothers” several different areas. Along with the tickets at the entrance will give you a map of the Park – guided by her. This will not only help you not to get lost, but tell me – what rides should go in the first place:the most interesting scheme of “carrots” if they still “capture the spirit” is the designation of the black diamond.

Walk briefly on the thematic areas

Hollywood Boulevard (Hollywood Boulevard) is traditionally starts from the gate. And as usual (think any other Disneyland Park, port Aventura) this is a shopping area with souvenir shops and restaurants. Don’t waste time, we go further in the selected area of the map. The city cartoons (village cartoon) – a Paradise for children. It’s a fabulous town with attractions in the form of favorite cartoon characters. There is a carousel for all the baby Park Looney Tunes. Therefore, even two or three of briefing You on what and how to relax.

World of superheroes (super hero in the world) – a very worthy riding (especially downhill), ingeniously called the names of these heroes. If you come to the Park with your child, be prepared that in the area you will spend most of the time. World studios (video world studios) – action in all their manifestations. There is a show with special effects in the movie series “Police Academy” in which can participate and your child. Same here – perhaps the “coolest” ride in the Park “Stunt Fall” is a roller coaster in which you “hang” for a few minutes had only one safety belt. And for children there is a cool water ride “Oso Yogu!” Wild West (Wild West). Don’t remember any theme Park of “American style”, where there is no such subject areas. Here, too, cowboys, race on trolleys at the impressive wooden roller coaster, large canyons and waterfalls. Along with the Park map you get and graphics-colorful shows and parades that take place on this day. To read them in order not to miss anything interesting.

General recommendations for travel to the Parque Warner Bros Madrid

The Park opens at 11.30, after completion of work can vary depending on the season. Prices please note that the price of the Park when you buy tickets in advance (at least a week before the trip) is much cheaper! A little cheaper when you buy online the ticket with open date.

And another interesting point I want to draw attention. If you come to the Park after 16: 00 . the tickets will cost also cheaper (at the moment of writing of article 31 Euro instead of 39.90 if you come early). But do not skimp on this and come to 16-00! The Park is big and if you only have 1 day to visit him with a child – come to the opening. After 16 hours, the people in the Park becomes much more interesting and many of the attractions have a decent queue. Therefore, we highly recommend – came shortly after the opening of the Park.

If you go back the same way, I recommend you immediately check the schedule of the buses (this is the station of Pinto, at the bus stop near the Park, where there is a landing on the bus). The buses run infrequently, and it is better to come in his administration not to go out much in advance from the Park and spend time in his anticipation. If you see that the bus will not be soon – it is better to go with the family Pinto station, Where a taxi (price about 20 euros).

If you compare the Park Warner in Madrid with other major European theme parks (Disneyland Paris and port Aventura in Barcelona ), I would put it after them. Nevertheless, Park is interesting, with many nice sights, and definitely worth a visit. Of the obvious shortcomings – in local catering. Be prepared that in addition to the burgers, and their resemblance to feed the kid will be practically nothing, although restaurants as there. Compare to the other parks, if the power situation was better.

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