The best amusement parks in Europe

If you are wondering where to fly with a child, it’s hard to think of a better place than the amusement Park. Be sure that you will not be bored. Every adult dreams at least for a moment to feel carefree and happy child. To escape from reality into a dream will help dizzying roller coaster, the carousel, the room of horrors and other attractions on the background of fabulous scenery. Thus, the selection of the most popular amusement parks in Europe:

Disneyland in Paris (France) . This Disneyland receives more than 10 million visitors a year. Fairytale castle with pink towers is its hallmark. You will meet all the characters of Walt Disney cartoons. With a continued sense of celebration and fun every day. This is probably the most popular amusement Park on the planet, hence the a number of challenges: heavy workload and long queues. Take care of the entrance ticket in advance. It can be purchased in the shop of Souvenirs Disney on the Champs Elysees or in all the stores “Fnac”, which are scattered all over Paris. Also recommend to attend one of the weekdays, on weekends the number of visitors multiplies.

Europa Park in rust (Germany) . “Europe Park” is slightly inferior to Disneylanda the number of visitors, it is the second most visited amusement Park in Europe. There is less perky toon and fairy-tale princesses, but more of adrenaline on the roller coaster. Thrill this Park will surely enjoy it more. It lives up to its name and includes the subjects of almost all European countries. Europe in miniature – slide “Poseidon” in Greek neighborhood, crazy white water rafting in “Norwegian vierdag”, Venetian canals and the Colosseum in the part dedicated to Italy, etc. 12 thematic units and more than 100 rides. Pearl are “roller coaster” in the quarter devoted to Russia in height of 75m.

De Efteling in the woods (the Netherlands) . “Efteling” amusement Park, which is very popular among Europeans is almost unknown Russian tourists. Meanwhile it was established in 1952 and welcomes over 4 million visitors a year. You will have a true fairy tale forest based on the works of European authors such as the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, etc. the Whole Park is literally buried in flowers, the Dutch are masters in the art garden. The romantic ambience and beautiful views will delight adults and children will meet characters from fairy tales and numerous attractions. Travel: railway station ‘ s-Hertogenbosch or Tilburg, and from there by bus.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (Denmark) . This is perhaps one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. “Tivoli gardens” built on the orders of king Christian VIII and was opened on 15 August 1843. At first it was just a lovely garden with neat paths, fragrant flowers, pavilions, theatre and many cafes. Romantic place, yielding to fashion trends, gradually acquired modern rides, but has not lost its charm.

PortAventura in Salou (Spain) . “Port Aventura” the top five most popular parks in Europe. More than 3 million visitors a year come to have fun and to replenish the shortage of adrenaline in the blood. Offers six themed areas: the “Wild West”, “Mexico”, “Mediterranean”, “China”, “Polynesia” and “sesame” for the little ones. According to the names of a quarter of the Park’s organizers have tried to recreate its atmosphere: the colorful world of Mexican food, and sombreros into the world where there is a free spirit of the wild West.

No matter how scary you seemed a particular attraction, remember that all they possess enormous reserves of strength and carefully maintained by dozens of specialists. According to statistics, even stay to sit at home more dangerous than a ride on the “Russian” hill, who for 30 years did not show any malfunction. Treat yourself and your child an unforgettable experience!

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