Tatila – first largest in Europe and fifth in the world indoor amusement Park. The only entertainment Park in Turkey, which opened on 23 April 1996, since then he has become a favorite destination not only of tourists but also the Turks.

This “Turkish Disneyland”, as it is called by many tourists, situated on the territory 41 794 m2, the Park is able to accommodate up to 5,000 visitors, and the rides take more than 24,000 m2. In addition, the attention of everyone who enters the Park, attracts a glass dome, with a height of 36.5 meters above the ground. It looks really impressive and fascinating! Not surprisingly, since Tatelu visited more than 3 million people.

Istanbul entertainment center is ready to offer children and adults plenty of activities: all kinds of rides, fun performances, fun games, horse riding, amphitheatre, which regularly hosts concerts and performances, and much more.

Tetilla is a huge variety of roller coasters, carousels, fountains, and fireworks, and all this is surrounded by fairy tale characters and movie characters. Everything creates a feeling of relaxation and celebration. Basis entertainment centre – 15 dizzying rides, brought from several European countries, such as Italy and Germany, and a gallery with bluechem 100 video games. Getting into Tatelu, you go to the happiest “state” in the world!

Istanbul children themselves chose the name and logo for a new Park of several hundred variants, and soon after that, “Chatila” into a real “Republic of entertainment”, which has a President, its own Constitution, flag, national anthem and residents.

In addition, the feature of the Park is that it was conceived and created as a natural Park, where children could learn the love of nature. So all the rides are in the background of more than 55,000 plants, flowers and trees from around the world, as well as artificial lakes, mountains and waterfall. Thanks to the temperature that is maintained at around +21ºC, there is always a spring.

To satisfy hungry and thirsty guests can Park in one of the six restaurants of the Park, among which are “Vitamin bar”. Prices range from $3.00 to $6.00.

Alcoholic beverages in the Park are not sold, and Smoking is allowed only in a few specially designated areas. In the souvenir shops sold a variety of Souvenirs: t-shirts, toys, postcards, badges and many more.

Hours: 10 am to midnight every day except Monday.

The entrance ticket cost about $ 20. Stay a limited – ticket is issued for 4 hours. Extend the pleasure for an additional fee. Discounts for the children there.

How to get there?

Like all the world’s major amusement parks, Tatila located quite far from the center of Istanbul. However, to get to the Park fairly easily – a special mini-buses ply in many parts of the city. You can come to the Park and to his car. The Park has Parking for 760 cars.

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