Sochi Park

Bear Sochnik congratulates Gena the Crocodile

A great opportunity to win a trip to Sochi Park is the residents of St. Petersburg, where the first Olympiad family reading “Crocfest”. The participants – children, parents, grandparents – dispute the title of the most reading family in Saint Petersburg. The Olympics takes place in the network of bookstores “Bukvoed” from 7 March to 10 April.

For the first time Sochi will host the tournament in Sochi strongman Strong-2016

Tournament under the auspices of the organization StrongmanRUS will be held in Sochi Park on 2 April. Strongman (extreme power sports) is a sport where projectiles are a non-traditional collaterals: giant dumbbells and barbells, heavy trucks, stone balls, etc. In the program of the Sochi tournament – circus relay race, the “farmers walk” with the cylinders at 120 kg, a threefold rise 110-pound logs, the collection of three 100-pound kegs and other spectacular events.

Bear Sochnik among the three best characters of Russian parks

The contest”Heroes Park” held by the Russian Association of amusement parks and attractions RAAPA. The awards ceremony took place at the XVIII International exhibition “amusement Rides and entertainment equipment RAAPA EXPO – 2016” in Moscow.The contest Sochi Park received the diploma “for the creation of a unique brand character “Bear Sochnik”, reflecting the concept of the Park and contributing to the development of traditions of children’s and family rest”.

“Big break” brings the best children’s books

In the period of spring break in Sochi Park festival “Big break”. In the main program of the festival – competition series, including table of a school game of “candy Wrappers”, “Boxes”, “TIC TAC toe”, outdoor games in the individual disciplines of the “Classics” and “Elastic” team “Dodgeball”, “Giant Twister”, “Darts”, intelligent “Crocodile”, “Chess”, “Checkers”, “Django”.

March 20, in the South of Russia the day of mourning, we mourn for those killed in a plane crash in Rostov-on-don. Sochi Park will be rides, workshops and children’s animation, there will be a presentation at the Dolphinarium, but the main event entertainment programs canceled. We apologize and hope for your understanding. The Administration Of Sochi Park

Special ticket price for school groups

In the days of the festival “Big break” is a special price for tickets for organised groups of students. From 19 March to 3 April students will be able to visit the Sochi Park for 800 rubles. Special conditions apply to organized school groups from 15 people 1 person stays free.

“Big change” Sochi Park

In the spring holidays in Sochi Park festival school games “Big break”. Guests of the Park waiting for tournaments is known to every adult and child games. Movable and intellectual competitions will be held all day at various venues of Sochi Park. And, baby, at first glance, the games will be judged in an adult.

“Hercules” will take “talent Olympics”

10 – 14 March 2016 in Sochi will be held the Second all-Russian youth educational-cultural festival of creative collectives of pupils and students “TALENT OLYMPICS”. Festival events will be held in GK “Hercules.” The festival will involve choirs, vocal ensembles, orchestras, dance ensembles and dance groups, theaters of fashion, soloists, artists, readers, crafts – students of higher and secondary professional educational institutions, pupils 6 – 11 classes of all types of educational institutions and centres of additional education of children. Young singers, readers, artists, dancers, musicians and artists will take part in creative competitions which will take place in 8 nominations. The winners in each category will receive gold, silver and bronze medals. Honorary guests of the festival will be composers, musicians, cultural figures and art, cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, scientists, Olympic Champions and prominent athletes.

Guests of the Park waiting for a special pancake menu from our chef

From 9 to 13 March in the cafe “fairy garden” you will taste pancakes with salmon and mushrooms, with salmon and cream cheese, pancakes made from three kinds of meat and sweet fillings, pancakes in a bag with mushrooms in cream and classic pancakes with sour cream, honey, condensed milk and melted butter. Dining outdoors will offer pancakes with chicken and mushrooms, apples and cinnamon, with chocolate, strawberry, condensed milk, melted butter, honey and banana, and pie with meat and cabbage pies with salmon and rice, Lacy pancakes. To wash down the main dish will be cranberry-orange punch with wine or orange juice, hot tea with lemon, freshly squeezed juice and cocoa with marshmallows. Welcome and Bon appetit!

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