Singapore, Sentosa

“Theme Park Universal Studios Singapore (Singapore Disneyland)”

Theme Park universal studios Singapore (Singapore Disneyland) is located in Singapore on Sentosa island, the territory of Resorts World Sentosa. The construction of the first in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios started on 19 April 2008. 18 Mar 2010, despite the fact that many of the rides were still not running, the Park opened its doors to visitors, the official Grand opening was held on may 28, 2011. The Park is located on an area of 20 hectares, consists of seven themed zones which operate 24 attraction hosts shows, performances and festivals. Area Hollywood-style Hollywood Boulevard 70-ies of XX century, with the architecture of the time and the famous walk of Fame where you can see “Hollywood stars”, visit the Broadway musical in the style of “Universal Monsters”, take a photo with heroes of the cartoon “Despicable me” Stuart and Jerry. In the evenings there are spectacular fireworks. In the area of new York recreates the atmosphere of the largest metropolis of the United States of America. Visitors can walk down the “streets” of the city with the facades of the buildings bathed in neon lights,to see the performance of street dancers, learn how to remove the special effects for Hollywood blockbusters in the show Steven Spielberg’s “the Light! Camera! Go!” and have fun with characters from children’s transfer “Street Sezam”. The city of the future Sci-Fi City invites to become part of an intergalactic battle between Good and Evil (Human vs Cylon), “battle” is happening at breakneck roller coaster, the highest in the world. You can also visit a fantastic attraction, “transformers”, especially for fans of extreme sports – a combination of high speed, colorful show, animation and exciting 3D effects. The area of Ancient Egypt will take Park guests into the world of the pharaohs, the pyramids, and during the archaeological expedition of the 30-ies of XX century, during which was found the priceless artifacts of the “Golden age” of Ancient Egypt. Disturbing the spirit of the high priest Imhotep will suffer retribution, revenge and the curse of the mummy guests will experience during the ride “revenge of the Mummy”. Here, the visitors will also have to fight against the army of Anubis and take a ride in a vintage car among the abandoned excavation. The lost world includes two thematic areas – the Jurassic Park and Water World. Here you can ride the river flowing through the prehistoric jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and pterodactyls, to ride on the cable car over the jungle, to see a deadly stunt with real explosions, car chases and fire show. In a far away Kingdom or the Kingdom of Shrek all offers on the favorite cartoon. Here you can meet familiar characters and even visit them at home, to attend a music show in which “serves” the best friend of Shrek – the Donkey, to visit the attraction with special effects “Shrek 4D” and a ride on a roller coaster, simulating a fabulous flight on the dragon. The name of the zone to Madagascar speaks for itself. Irrepressible heroes of the same cartoon will take its guests into a world of fun, rollicking music and rousing dances. The king of the lemurs, Julian invites you to ride on the merry-go-round, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman will be the company in an exciting swim along the river, and restless penguins “will light” before the guests Boogie-woogie. Shows, rides, fun, laughter and a sea of pleasures await the guests amusement Park universal studios Singapore. In the Park there are restaurants, cafes, shops, festivals, performances, plays, entertaining shows.

How to get there . Changi international airport – 26 km Railway station HarbourFront – 1 km Bus stop Resorts World Sentosa – 400 m

The period of validity . constantly Mode . Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 Hours are subject to change without prior notice Cost . 74 SGD / 1 pax Tickets for 1 day: Adults – SGD 74 Children aged 4 to 12 years old – SGD 54 Seniors over 60 years old – SGD 36

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