Project eco-centre extreme entertainment in Las Vegas

Josh Kearney, an entrepreneur and electrical engineer by training, wants to build an amusement Park in the heart of Las Vegas valued at $ 50 million 42-acre zemel in “Vegas Extreme” to accommodate a center of extreme sports: snowboarding, motocross, rafting, wakeboarding, surfing and more.Dr.

Amusement Park for lovers of extreme sports

American design Studio M-Rad created the project of the Park of extreme sports. To build such a Park is planned in Las Vegas in the coming years. The Park will be able to provide the platform for dozens kinds of extreme ways of tourism.

It is noteworthy that the complex will be built almost entirely from old shipping containers.

Unusual eco-centre extreme entertainment

Las Vegas has unusual center extreme. The project initiators hope that at the completion of construction, the new complex will attract lovers of extreme tourism from all over the country, and maybe even from other countries. While the project has not received any official name and is part of the concept. Developed Park of extreme rest was the design Studio M-Rad. Start of construction of the Park planned for the first half of 2014.

Amusement Park out of shipping containers

Park razvlecheniy-Rad for the green supporters of the extreme

Park of extreme rest, a concept which developed M-Rad is built entirely from shipping containers. Thus, the designers found a good way of recycling this waste. The complex will be built playgrounds for bike and rollers, parkour. There will be a huge mountain of containers for extreme mountaineering. In the center of the complex will open a huge reservoir for water types of extreme tourism, including surfing. The complex will also be Bicycle paths and tracks for other two and four wheeled vehicles.

The amusement Park M-Rad for the green supporters of the extreme

In addition to the sports fields in the complex will be built a bar and restaurant, you will see the hotel from the containers with 60 rooms. Will be a small Park for relaxation and picnic. In addition to the main lake, will be created and several pools of different depths for swimming and extreme. For all kinds of extreme sports will create a special rental shop with equipment. To complete the construction of the complex, I hope by the end of 2015, and he will, in early 2016. It is planned that the entrance to the complex M-Rad will be free to pay it shall be only for equipment and entrance to the site. To the extent possible, the center will be landscaped, taking into account the specifics of the local desert climate.

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