Port Aventura

Port Aventura theme Park in the Catalan resort of Salou, which is also called the Golden Coast of Spain. It is located one hour drive from Barcelona and is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe and only theme Park. Here you can immerse yourself in the mysteries of Imperial China, win the respect of the inhabitants of the Wild West, visit the jungles of Polynesia and Mexico-Mayan

This Park is one of the most popular places of Catalonia for tourists, along with the Barcelona aquarium and other attractions.

Let’s go in order through all sections of the Park Port Aventura. As seen on the map, only there are five theme parks:

Let’s start with the Mediterranean is the main area of the Park where the visitor enters directly after logging in. There are only two of the attraction, but there are restaurants and shops reproducing a typical coastal town in Catalonia. During the months of July and August open lake, where a festive show of fireworks and swim for the boats

The most popular attraction of the Mediterranean, and in General the entire Park is Furious Bako

This ride is simply huge, and is visible from afar even at the approach to Port Aventura. He develops tremendous speed (135 km/h), and part of it runs over the water

Torostation of the Mediterranean — Boat heats. Crossing the lake on a special boat visitors are moved to the next section of the Port Aventur in Imperial China:

China has hosted the main attraction of the amusement Park Port Aventura roller coaster called Dragon Khan and the new megabrutal hill Shambala. Now it’s samima great American horkama in the world (slightly smaller roller coaster called Dragon Khan, with 8 loops is the biggest roller coaster in Europe. Attraciton got into the Guinness Book of records with its highest vertical loop in the world)

All of the tracks and paths on a theme Park “China” is framed as the Great wall of China. Other activities include China — rides Cobra Imperial and Fumanchu

Go to the theme Park called Wild West. There is a huge amount of stylized buildings and sculptures, as well as constantly privaatse shows and performances

Here is the 9 theme that makes the Wild West the largest part of Port Aventura. It is necessary to highlight, for example, Stampede – original wooden roller coaster, the second — largest roller coaster in the Park, and the Tomahawk — a children’s version Stampede arranged in parallel

Breathtaking also rides Silver River Flume and Grand Canyon Rapids, where you can go on fast mountain river on inflatable balloon

In something similar to a Wild West theme Park in Mexico, however it is more dynamic than the other sections in the Park. The Park is fully devoted to Mexico in the time of the Maya

Here is one of the most outstanding and the most recent (2005) attractions Port Aventura — Hurricane Condor. A huge tower with an Elevator on the ropes, climbing to the top, offering beautiful views of the entire Park, but after a few seconds after lifting the cab collapses in free fall to the base of the tower. By the way, this tower is one of the highest in the world on the rides of this type with its height of 100 meters.

Here also is a large-scale fire shows, Templo Del Fuego and El Diablo-Tren de la Mina — another roller coaster, but without sharp changes in elevation and rings, but with a very long route and high speed. It is worth noting that the Park in Mexico quite a lot of restaurants with funky Mexican kitchen, where you can try excellent burritos and tacos.

Go to the last themed section of the Park called Polynesia, very different from other parts of Aventura. Here is much more relaxed rides and the General atmosphere. There are actually only two main attraction — the Flash Tutuki and 4-D cinema Sea Odyssey. But this is no ordinary theater, visitors sit in a large submarine, which, as it travels to the bottom of the ocean. Each day it includes a variety of films, mimicking the dive under the water

During seasonal holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, PortAventura arranges special shows: Psycho Circus, Horror in Penitence, La Mina del Diablo and La Selva del Miedo

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