Poland for kids

To date, vacation in Poland with children is very popular among tourists from many countries, regardless of the time of year. In summer, couples can enjoy one of the many hotels and resorts, which offer comfortable rooms, modern equipment, treatment or prevention. For younger visitors there are children’s entertainment, specially equipped playgrounds and much more.

If you want to relax by the sea, welcome to the Baltic sea, for example in Sztutowo located 40 kilometers from the town centre and 37 km from Gdansk. Pine forest and Maritime climate create the most comfortable atmosphere for a pleasant pastime. Thanks to a gently sloping sandy bottom, swim in the resort a pleasure not only for children but also for adults.

It is interesting and the tour of Poland for the children . Unforgettable impressions will leave Krakow. In this city full of history: king’s road, the medieval Barbican area Matejka, Florian tower, and so on. You can not ignore the Krakow zoo. Only here you can meet and make friends with amazing animals (more than 1,400 individuals and 278 species): the Central American tapir, Somali wild ass, pygmy hippopotamus,David’s deer, Przewalski’s horse, barasinga, elephant and rare antelope.

Amusement parks in Poland

A separate place is occupied by amusement parks in Poland :

Dinozatorland – located near Krakow (50 km). Through the woods is a special path where you can meet prehistoric animals and primitive people.

European centre of fairy tales to them. Goat of Metalica – located in a Kid, in the South-Eastern part of Poland. Goat of the Billy-goat – hero comics and the eponymous animated series. In the centre there is a lake, gazebos, an amphitheater, and a smithy, made exactly like in the cartoon. Additionally, you can visit the theatre, cinema or choose a book in the library.

Adventure Park in the city of tarnów. This complex is located at different height platforms that are connected by cable cars. Adult height of about 6 meters, and for children of 1-2 meters from ground level.

Water Park near Wroclove, namely in the city of Polkowice. In the Park four slides, the artificial waves of the sea, an imitation of a mountain stream, geysers, Jacuzzi, fountains, etc. there is Also a gym, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish Hammam and a Solarium.

Cracow Aqua Park – the largest roofed structure in Europe. Here everyone will find entertainment for themselves: 8 roller coasters (the length of 740 metres), swimming pools (total area of 1586 m2), the black hill with music and light support, a water bar, Jacuzzi, attraction “wild river”, waterslides and many other attractions.

Thus, vacation with children in Poland – out of competition, especially if you pay attention to affordable price.

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