Park on lake Shawnee

Neat lake, a beautiful green meadow on the Bank, pleasant Avenue perennial trees — seemingly an ideal platform for amusement parks. Not in the case of lake Shawnee, Park on the shore of which is considered to be cursed.

The Indians and the family clay

A mystical history in the United States are directly connected with the Indians. The culture of the native American population is still unknown, and the confrontation with them the first settlers into North America left in the history with more questions than answers. One such case occurred on the shore of lake Shawnee in West Virginia. Now there is an abandoned amusement Park which the locals call cursed.

It all began in 1775 when a large family of immigrants clay came to Mercer County to work the land and hunt in the local woods, but easy to live on the lake Shawnee family was only 8 years old. In unremarkable day in August 1783 Mitchell clay, along with three sons went hunting, and the farm was left to his wife and other children. The remaining sons of the city a fence, daughters, washing clothes, and Mrs. clay was playing in the house with the younger generation.

The Indians, who watched over the family for a few days, picked up the point and attacked the brothers,mausica with the fence. Bartley was killed immediately, and the punishment of Ezekile arrived, the eldest daughter Tabitha. The Indians killed the girl, scalped Bartley and ran away, taking with him Sakila.

Mitchell clay returned from the hunt, gathered in the community punitive expedition and went in search of his son. The next morning the Indian camp was attacked, and two killed rivals the settlers received no less cruel than those with Bartley — from the backs was flayed, and from it were made the straps. Further pursuit was not crowned with success — the Indians had disappeared and all that was found the garrison Mitchell — a fire where he was burned Sekil.

Lost three people family clay decided not to stay at lake Shawnee and left Mercer County, leaving local residents tragic, bloody history which they passed from mouth to mouth to the next generations. Gradually, the legend has acquired conjectures and clarifications, it became more exciting and more brutal, but that hasn’t stopped those who wanted to return to the lake Shawnee fun and holiday.

The first amusement Park

By the early twentieth century, these places formed a large settlement of miners and in 1926 it was decided to make a large amusement Park with a carousel, swings, Ferris wheel and other rides. Dug a pool, built a dance hall, organized eateries. Given the nearby lake and even a clearing, it was the perfect place for a large-scale fireworks, and organizers had the right to believe that of the theme Park will be a very profitable enterprise.

However, nothing good venture did not work — too many sorrows have seen this land. In the Park happens all the unexplainable events and popular he never was. Prior to the first closing in 1966, it killed six children, local residents say that, maybe more. And all the deaths except as strange to not be named. The truck driver will get confused in managing and crush, the girl on the carousel, the boy will drown in the shallow children’s pool, stuck a hand in the sewer. The pool was filled, but parents began to seriously fear for the lives of the children and stopped to let them go, and the Park was gradually losing its visitors. The site has finally acquired the status of a mystic.

A second theme Park

After twenty years of inactivity was a businessman who did not believe in the curse and quickened the amusement Park. But I didn’t go and in 1988 restored the Park was closed. Perhaps no one else dare to invest here in a place of entertainment.

The current state

Now this Park has become extremely popular with Ghost hunters and lovers of mystical tales. Locals inflame the curiosity of travelers with stories about the Park you can hear the laughter of the dead children, and if very lucky, and their ghosts.

In these stories very easy to believe when you see the rusty swing, overgrown almost to the top of the Ferris wheel and the old booths for selling tickets. This place is especially appeal to fans of the computer game and film Silent Hill. Night the abandoned amusement Park at lake Shawnee is very similar to the original from the popular series.

Popular channels Discovery Channel, ABC, the Travel Channel has repeatedly come here to remove the program, and the amusement Park is among the worst places in the USA.

However, to visit this Park is not so simple. This is private land and the owners do not offer any official tours. To legally enter the abandoned amusement Park, you must obtain permission from the owners, otherwise there may be serious problems with the police. It is easier to be here at Halloween, when carried out mass holidays. However, the unavailability of a mysterious amusement Park only adds to the enthusiasm of true fans of the mysteries of the other world.

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