Paris – Disneyland

The Disneyland theme Park located in the Paris suburb of Marne-La-vallée and is a copy of the Park “Magic Kingdom”. This is the second such Park, open in the United States after an amusement Park in Tokyo.

Disneyland Paris consists of two parts: the first one is Disneyland and the Park Walt Disney studios, and the second entertainment center Disney Village. Disneyland is an amusement Park, the Walt Disney studios dedicated to the process of creating the movie, and the Disney Village of shops and restaurants. The thematic part of the Park created by a single model of all the Disneyland in the world, but, of course, there are some local peculiarities.

Entertainment Park Disney is known for its attention to detail, excellent service and a large number of tourists. Its creators wanted to convey a fabulous atmosphere of Disneyland: the staff – not just staff, but members of the team, the Park is kept very clean and everywhere you will see only a perfect working rides. For example, you will never meet in the Park two characters – the twins simply do not exist! Of course, the main focus at Disneyland is paid to children but also adult visitors will not be deprived of attention.

Disneyland is a place for active rest, but this does not mean that you will not be able to simply enjoy nature and architecture.

Fantasyland – the most remarkable place of the Park. The beauty of the castle that is there can not be oceanteam who grew up on Disney cartoons. Don’t forget to visit the Cave of the Dragon: the sleeping Dragon is one of the best characters of Disneyland.

Disney characters roam freely throughout the Park. Most of them, including the most famous – Mickey, Donald, – visitors to Disneyland to see during the day, and some of the characters can be caught only at a certain time (in any store you can find the schedule for the characters). They give kids autographs and, of course, posing. If you have a favorite character you will definitely want to see, it is best to contact the city Hall in the main square of the Park – there you can arrange a meeting with him. During the day in different parts of the Park parades with the participation of Disney and other characters. On the Park map you will find information about the parade.

In Disneyland Paris it is best to come on weekdays, except public holidays and school holidays. The low number of Park visits occur in September-October and may-June. Given the peculiarities of the French climate, you should choose for travel Jun. Perhaps you will be offered special programs discounts during this time. The lucky ones are lucky not to stand in the queue for the popular rides or stand in them only a few minutes. Remember that even with a small number of tourists to visit all the attractions will take at least two days.

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