Madrid for kids: amusement parks

Royal Madrid is ideal for families with children: children experience fun for all tastes.

One of the most beautiful and safest cities in Europe will be a good choice for family travelers. Stay in Madrid will allow informative time for adults and children to enjoy leisure time in the many amusement parks rides. To visit theme parks in the capital of Spain is best in the spring or autumn days when the weather is especially conducive to long walks. Winter travelers may encounter heavy rainfall, and in the summer with unbearable heat. The main city of Spain good place to explore with kids, using public transport such as metro or modern buses. A journey on the amusement Park should definitely start with the amusement Park Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers Park Is a city of entertainment, which will be fun for both children and adults. Unsurprisingly, Warner Brothers is a huge territory of about 55 hectares. It is divided into several parts. As you can guess by the name, the theme Park is associated with cartoons and movies. Areas include: Hollywood Boulevard, the world of Superheroes, cartoon village, old West, world the Studio. For kids more suited to a Town of cartoons. But in the world of the Studio you will find the most steep roller coaster Stant Fall, a show with spetsefektami other entertainment.

Park Warner Brothers in the suburbs of Madrid. And devote spare time is worth at least a few hours, or better, a day or two! Not to get lost in the many paths, it is necessary to draw a card at the entrance. By the way, it identifies which Park attractions are the most popular.

Park Casa de Campo, Madrid’s Largest Park, including area attractions, covers an area of 170 ha. you Can imagine how much entertainment you can find for children of any age. The greatest interest of tourists in Casa de Campo are traditionally the aquarium and the zoo, the amusement Park. Enjoy the views of Madrid, you can use the cable car Teleferico. But if you come here on a summer day is to swim in an artificial lake with a water fountain, take a boat ride or just enjoy a picnic on the grass.

Casa de Campo was defeated in the XVI century. Today’s “green lung” of Madrid possess the most modern rides in Europe. Just 48, the most dizzying sensations of tourists expected in the area of “Machine”. And then arrange an incredible show with cartoon characters.

Before traveling to Casa de Campo is required to specify a timetable for its work, because, for example, in the winter months the Park is open only on weekends. But in the summer it is open until midnight. Park entrance is free, but tickets for rides varies.

Retiro Park If your goal is not so much entertainment, how many scenic walks in the place, this attraction is for you. Retiro Park in Madrid is especially favored by the Spaniards. This large green area has been designated of cultural heritage on the territory of 120 hectares there are several buildings of XVII-XIX centuries, a branch of the Museum of Prado, Museum of the army of Spain.

For children there are playgrounds, there is an artificial lake with boats available for rent. Particularly interesting in Retiro at the weekend: guests are puppet shows. You can visit the local rose garden, marvel at the crystal Palace.

Park “Faunia” “Faunia” – not quite a theme Park, but rather basepoint. On site parents and their children will be able to meet with various representatives of fauna and flora. “Faunia” is divided into climate zones. The informative walk in this place will be especially interesting to students. The Park cannot be called a classic zoo, because it’s a real home to a large number of animals. You can touch them, of course, if we are talking about non-venomous species.

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