Leisure parks in Tyrol

Surrounded by the Tyrolean mountains, a grandiose amusement parks offer interesting holiday big and small. Parks dedicated to various themes and represent a forwarding research camp, the sports complex under the open sky, that magical Forest fairies.

Area 47 in Otztal Complex Area47 at the entrance to the Ötztal valley is hard to beat. A large Park with slides is only a small part of the proposed range of recreational activities. And climbers and fans of mountain Biking will find here a lot of opportunities to satisfy your sports hunger and excitement. Area47

Amusement Park Pillerseetal In the leisure Park “Family country” of adults and children meets over 40 attractions . Kids can play and frolic on the trampoline, the pond, the Swedish walls, on the tower with a slide and so on. The children also have a petting zoo. Family country Pillersee

The village ETSI Ostalski cross-cultural society is built in Umhausen “Village ETSI”, the archaeological Park under the open sky, which vividly recreated the life and farming in the Neolithic period, that is, at a time when he lived the ancient people of ETSI. The Village ETSI

Magic Filzalmsee lake Filzalmsee best be reached by cable car Hochbrixen; it offers games, fun and fascinating discoveries. Around the idyllic mountain lake in the kitzbühel Alps predstavlennosti attractions, including a variety of playgrounds . the stream, the huts in the trees, a sandbox, a swimming pool, swamp and more. Filzalmsee, Brixen in Thale

Alpinolino mountain little miracles Fun, exciting and memorable adventures await explorers-lovers of any age Alpinolino, during the “Rally Surkov” and “Animal tour of mysteries” . Questions are welcome, surprise is guaranteed. Interesting amusement Park for big and small researchers Choralpe on the slopes of Westendorf. Own mountain guide “Dodger” will definitely evoke an interest in children to study the secrets and mysteries of nature. Alpinolino Westendorf

Gnome Park In the Park dwarfs Sillian in East Tyrol the valley Hochpustertal kids will feel like adults because it not only has the longest slide in Austria, but also many other fascinating attractions. Mini-train “Wichtelexpress” gives the entire family for a Wonky Tonky river where panning for gold, and to many other places of entertainment. Popular kids amusement Park rides are small racetrack and a cable car to the hill at breathtaking altitude. And also: the wall, family and children’s swings, a water play area and a miniature Golf course with 18 tracks. Gnome Park

Park Triassic Park on the Stone plateau Triassic Park (Triassic Park) on the Stone plateau, Europe’s only reef on land, talk about his appearance 250 million years ago . Research the camp and the Museum in the exhibition hall offer children and adults an unforgettable experience. Triassic Beach – the highest in the Alps sandy beach will receive visitors at the times when the Kitzbühel Alps was an ancient sea shore. Trias trail Trail leads from the “Mini-sea” through the upper reservoir to the “red wall” where large and small researchers of antiquity can find many fossils. Triassic Park

Schwaz silver mine Tour tells about the harsh life of the miners of Schwaz during the heyday of silver mining, and introduces the important role of Schwaz in the middle Ages. Schwaz silver mine

Scheffau KaiserWelt At the Brandstadl mountain restaurant, at a height of 1.650 meters above sea level, is a game Park . Wooded on the top, right at the top station of the cable car in children of different ages have the opportunity to play and romp. The “Kaiser” in his Imperial territories – in the kitzbühel Alps – a lot of cases, so he needs the help of his “subjects.” Through the gates they get are in the attached “Imperial forest”, helping young guests through various sports/games of amusement rides and devices to feel the spirit of adventure and to explore the mysteries of the forest. Kaiserwelt Scheffau

Alpine zoo in Innsbruck Alpine zoo of Innsbruck, is in enclosures that mimic natural habitats, terrariums and aquariums are home to about 150 species of wild animals of the Alps: mountain goats, brown bears, river otters, eagles, wolves and many other animals. Due to the location of the zoo at the foot of the Nordkette at an altitude of 750 metres, it offers great views of Innsbruck. The Alpine zoo Innsbruck

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