In Russia will build the largest indoor entertainment parks in Europe

Today, DreamWorks Animation SKG and the group of companies “Regions” announced a new joint project — the beginning of the construction of Europe’s largest indoor theme parks. The first to visit the cartoon characters will be able to get the residents of St. Petersburg

DreamWorks theme parks, the construction of which will start in Russia, will become the largest in Europe indoor facilities operating all year round. The area of each of them will be from 70 to 100 thousand sq. meters, plot area — 100 ha.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief Executive officer (CEO) of the film company DreamWorks Animation, said at the presentation of the projects of theme parks that their construction will become a new stage of development for an animation Studio. He noted that Russia was the first country where such parks announced and will be opened as Russia is one of the most promising markets for the company, where the films of Studio occupy the 6 seats in the TOP 10 at the box in theaters.

“Our partners, with whom we met just a year ago, impressed us. This ambitious company you can trust,” said Katzenberg. In addition, the Studio is negotiating the construction of similar parks in other countries, in particular, almost solved the question of construction in new York city in the framework of the project Mega Mall of America.

Company DreamWorks Animation creates razvlekatelnaya and computer-animated movies, television programs and series, and provides entertainment for audiences around the world. In wide release released 25 animated feature films. All feature films DreamWorks Animation are now out in 3D.

All three parks in Russia will be opened in 2015, the first of them will appear in St. Petersburg on Industrial Avenue. Then its doors for visitors will open a Park in Yekaterinburg on Koltsovskiy tract. A site for the construction of the Park in the Moscow region only is selected, said Amiran Mutsoev, member of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Regions”.

The representatives of the company explained that the site is not located near Warsaw highway, where already building a theme Park, the American company Universal Park & Resorts “Galaxy Park”. Recall that this project was announced in the spring of 2012, the total area of the indoor Park will be 150 thousand square meters, the volume of investments in the entertainment part will be 500 million dollars. 22 hectare Park located near the ring road in an industrial area.

Of the Regions GC is a vertically integrated company specializing in the construction and management of shopping centers. Ranked fourth in the ranking of the largest owners of retail space in Russia. In the control group is 29 active projects with a total area more than 700 thousand square meters in 22 cities of Russia. Company network, “June” and “Siberian town”.

Entrance to the Park will pass through the SEC

Each of DreamWorks parks will be the “anchor tenant” (the main) part of a large shopping and entertainment complexes. According to the plan, in each of these SEC will also be multifunctional concert hall, a cinema format 4D, three-star hotel with 400 rooms and a shopping centre with Parking for 11 thousand cars.

The Park itself will be located in a fairly conventional one-story structure, unusual will be only a floor height of about 35 meters (about 13 stories). “In this way, visitors will not have the feeling that they are in a closed room,” said Alec Mutsoev, member of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Regions”.

Under the license agreement CC will be engaged in the design, building and subsequent management in Russia theme parks DreamWorks. The volume of investments in three projects will be about $1 billion, the group companies will invest 30% equity, the remaining 70% will provide banks-partners of the company, said Amiran Mutsoev.

What attractions await visitors, remains a mystery, but well-known cartoons in the world where there will be “immersed” — “Shrek,” “Madagascar,” “How to train your dragon” and “Kung fu Panda”, as well as those films that are scheduled for this year, in particular, the “Turbo”.

These heroes in Russia, like — in particular, “Madagascar 3” took; the second place among animated films last year and fourth place among all films in the Russian hire for all time of existence.

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