Holiday Park


Fans think of a roller coaster ride Expedition GeForce most exciting in the world: trailers flying on rails practically in free fall at a speed of 120 km/h. the Visitors of the amusement Park Holiday Park in the Federal state of Berlin can also take a ride on the water roller coaster V. barrels or to experience the rush of adrenaline on the tower free fall. In addition, the Park Holiday Park have a place to walk and relax: attractions, performances and an area for toddlers is also part of the beautifully decorated Park landscape.

Since its opening in 1971, the HOLIDAY PARK extends annually. Its history began with a small area of 70000 sq. m. which is located on the Park of fairy tales. Today it is annually visited by 1.25 million people, which allows him to claim the title of one of the most popular amusement parks of Germany.

The dancing pavilion: thrill to the rhythms of Dixieland! Bright yellow-white the Dancing pavilion is one of the most fascinating attractions, interesting both for children and for parents. Lifted visitors to a height of 4 m, pavilion begins its dance is the dance in the air. Wild river: the unsinkable inflatable round boats You travel in an adventurous journey through kitasagami the river length of 500 m with a speed of 3.3 m/sec. Past the grottoes and rocks, falling from a waterfall with a height of 2.5 m. Chance to avoid the whirlpool and rapids no! Contrast the power element Your power … Water slides “In a mortar with the devil” 1000 meters of fun. When creating this attraction without hell is not exactly cost. You fit in the barrel, and speed the race begins. From the very first day of its existence, the attraction has become one of the most popular in the Park: after a quiet start, You climb up to a height of 25 m into the dark “devil’s mill”, and then barrels down backwards. Again you got the light, but this does not mean that diavolska grip relaxed: the barrel tightens up on the “devil’s kitchen”, the race has been going on height, while the barrel is not broken down, falling into the water. Super spiral: the main attraction of the Park, since it was visited by approx. 30 mil. People. 2 trains pass at speeds up to 80 km/h in the spiral steel structure with a height of 23 m. the Ride is breathtaking, when You come to the state of weightlessness. Falling down, the train reaches in free fall weight more than 20 tons, for a person means an increase in gravity of the Earth 4 times.

The tower free fall (FREE FALL TOWER) do You know the feeling of free fall? The whole body was trembling with excitement, the content of adrenaline in the blood rises sharply, heart beating wildly, breathing stops. Incomparable pleasure You will bring a new attraction of the 70-meter height. Ballooning: if You want to feel book hero Picard, in his attempt to fly around the Earth in a balloon, You have a unique opportunity. Entrained by centrifugal force bright yellow balloons fly in a circle and only the wind whistling in my ears. Pirate ship

Want to feel like a pirate on a ship in the open sea during a storm. Together with 50 other adventurers ship, made on the model of medieval Spanish pirate brother, after 6 sec. Up to 20-meter height. Tower Bounty

Reinforcement of 4 bars booths rises to a height of 36 meters, the booth rotates around its axis in a circle of diameter 8 meters with a speed of 32 rpm, and rod – around the main pole of the Tower in a circle with a diameter of 18.5 m with a speed of 8 rpm. The fortress of Falkenstein Travel in the middle ages is waiting for You on the way to the fortress of Falkenstein. Colorful paintings of bygone eras flashed around You. Modernity remains beyond the threshold of the fortress. Circle of danger – from the side of the evil knights, thieves or by fire-breathing dragons. A gentle girl waiting for the hour of his release, noble Prince.

The walk along the canal You may come back in the middle ages. In large boats You sail the deep woods, only the rustle of water and no sign of civilization around.

Flower tour In the booth monorail, You will go for a romantic trip to the sea motley colours. You are surrounded with the chirping of birds, the heady odors. And around are fantastic figures of animals made of flowers.

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