Gardaland, Italy

One of the largest amusement parks not only in Italy but also in Europe, the French counterpart of Disneyland and the Spanish Port Aventura. It will be interesting for both children and adults.

Rides: 40 cutting-edge attractions and entertainment of all kinds, in addition the Park hosts daily shows and a 5 theme restaurants, 20 shops, located near the eponymous hotel.

Territory: the Territory of Gardaland and its surroundings decorated with a huge variety of vegetation, allowing the Park to compete with any Botanical garden. The dense foliage purifies the air in the Park and perfectly protects from the scorching sun in the summer. Here you can always relax or enjoy lunch in the shade of the trees.

Gardaland Park is the largest amusement Park in Italy and the third largest in Europe. The analog of Disneyland Paris and PortAventura in Spain. PAC GROUP owns the exclusive rights to sell tickets to Gardaland on the territory of Russia.

Gardaland Park is located in the North of Italy in the city of Castelnuovo del Garda in the province of Verona in the Veneto region near lake Garda and occupies an area of 600.000 square meters.

Amusement rides and entertainment. Everything, as in America, only better. The Park was opened in 1975, Italian entrepreneur Livio Furini, notoriuosly American Disneyland and was so impressed by the selection of different rides, I decided to build something similar at Home. He did it for the glory – to date, the Gardaland Park is an entertainment country that is interesting for both children and adults. The area comprises more than 40 cutting-edge rides, numerous slides, rides and play areas for children and adults. In addition, Gardaland daily offers a variety of theatrical performances and shows, shops and themed restaurants: pirate and cowboy and others, with the appropriate ambiance and menu. The hotel, built on the territory of the Park resembles a fairy tale house of the Princess. For fans of water slides there are lots of options which will give an unforgettable experience, and on a hot day and even refresh.

Hawaii, fantasy and cartoons. Themed areas of the Park

Gardaland is divided into several thematic zones: Birmania, Atlantis, Hawaii, Egypt, East, Wild West, Medieval, Space, science Fiction and cartoons, the Europe of the past century. To make it easier to navigate the sea of rides, don’t forget the Park entrance to pick up a free illustrated map of the Park. It marked and special routes for any trips on trolleys, boats, airplanes and boats.

The Park is full of greenery. There are many trees, shrubs, rockeries and a variety of colors. Dense vegetation purifies the air in the Park and perfectly protects from the scorching sun in the summer. Here you can always relax or enjoy lunch in the shade of the trees.

Rides for a small but udalenky

On the map you can easily find 16 corners “Fantasy” are marked with red color is fun for young and very young visitors. They created a whole area of the Kingdom, which can be seen singing and dancing pigs, cows, geese and other animals and birds, as well as to make a fascinating journey on the fabulous transport on the territory of the Park. Together with their parents, kids can ride the train Transgardian Express cable car Panoramic Tour and see all of Gardaland. And even play in the numerous pavilions, with those names the “zone”, “Peter pan” and “Superbaby”.

Entertainment for older children

Older kids don’t just ride the rides, but your eyes will see the atmosphere skillfully recreated the world of adventure. Their route is marked on the map in green. The Raptor ride is a roller coaster with a height of 30 m, with an underground station and a maximum speed of 90 km/h. Exciting loops, journey through the mysterious lair of a predator Raptor, ruins and obstacles, which will hit train services, are offered at the rides for the most fearless. The most daring children are also offered the attraction La Valle dei Re, where visitors will find living pharaohs and mummies. And if a child dares to fight with the real pirates invited him to a pirate attraction I Corsari.

In the pursuit of adrenaline – extreme entertainment

Attention brave souls, there are rides to Magic Mountain, Sequoia Adventure and one of the newest attractions – The Spectacular 4D Adventure, an underground movie theater with moving seats, which in four-dimensional space moving in time with the image. This is the first structure in Europe of this kind.

How to get to the Park

Gardaland is located 2 km from the train station of Peschiera del Garda. From the station to the Park and back go free shuttles.

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