Europa-Park: Europe for children

April 9 regular season opens one of the largest children’s parks in Europe, located in the German black forest. It is called Europa – Park. 85 acres of old Palace Park fit 13 European countries, more than 100 rides, several hotels and many restaurants.

Castle Balthazar 1442 building, which once treated the territory, by the way, survived. Around it grew a baby.

Europa-Park . Germany’s largest amusement Park, opened over 35 years ago, in July 1975. The settlement of rust, the Park is located in the black forest, one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, not far from the German-French border, so the Strasbourg airport almost next door. Not far from here to Switzerland. By car from Stuttgart will take an hour and a half from Munich – two to three hours.

Entertain – teach!

The concept of the Park of Europe fully embodies the principle of “entertain – teach”. Each of these 13 countries has its own area, where there are rides, performed well in recognizable national style, with numerous references to the history and culture of the country. Here are the themed shows and performances, including for the little ones.

England,for example, among others presents the ancient traditional carousel with wooden horses and the famous globe theatre, on the stage that played, you guessed it, Shakespearean passions.

In “Greece” you can ride on a water attraction “Poseidon”, which starts at the feet of the giant Trojan horse, and in the pavilion “Curse of Cassandra” – to lose the orientation in space. Then you just need to eat moussaka and Girasol in a tavern in Mykonos.

In General, gastronomy, travel, Europa-Park is worth mentioning separately. Scattered throughout the Park, cafes and restaurants represent the best in European national cuisines. Of course, the children rushing to the rides hardly want to sit in the restaurant, but adults who are experiencing some fear at the thought of having to spend a whole day (or two!) in the children’s Park, it’s quite reconcile with reality.

However, the children are also helpful. At least this way you can try to avoid the ubiquitous burgers and fries and offer game: eat the national dish, in whose territory are located. At least pizza like no one will refuse!

By the way, the area of “Italy” – one of the most beautiful Park in Europe: it is a typical Italian square with beautiful buildings in the style of

the Renaissance and Baroque. And in the middle of the lake, surrounded by antique statues, cypresses and pines, has a seven-meter Fontana di Paradiso. Kids will surely enjoy the fabulous railway under the name of Ciao Bambini, and those who are older – the real Venetian carnival, which takes place here almost all year round.

Russia in Europe Park is an impressive attraction called Euro-Mir. It’s a roller coaster on Russian manners – entertainment not for the faint of heart. However, if you experience the nerves still do not want just to walk in a real Russian village, and buy a doll, go to the pavilion station, made in the style of Moscow’s Gum, or a ride on a toy car on the racetrack Lada.

But the Nordic countries decided to unite in one area. On the Market square everyone can find something. You can even get married in this Norwegian stave Church, a wooden frame Church which was built in Norway in the days of early Christianity.

Kids can send in a fabulous “Tower of Andersen”, and adults certainly look in a local fish restaurant.

And of course, fjords. Where do without them! Rafting on six-seater kayak among the fjords in the 600-meter river is a real adventure: it is necessary to overcome a cascading waterfall, rapids, and even fog.

Obviously, to have time to see and try all that is in the Park of Europe in one day is impossible. Especially if you come from afar. In this case, it is worth staying at one of the hotels located within the Park. Needless to say that each of these hotels is designed in a national style? And that the best they can to leave not less experience than the rides?

For example, in “Spanish” or El Andaluz, Castillo Alcazar . actually built as a real castle, “Portuguese” Santa Isabel or Italian Colosseo . transporting its guests to Ancient Rome. In the Park there is another small guest houses and campsites, private Spa area, playgrounds and pools for the little ones.

This summer, in the Park of Europe there will be new exciting rides. For example, between “Britain” and “Austria” on the shore of the lake will rise a “Fairy forest”, fraught with many surprises and wonders.

Adults and children will certainly be interesting to take a trip on a real gondola by Pisa, Venice and Florence (Piccolo Mondo).

But attraction called Volo da Vinci should appeal to those who dreams of flying in the famous flying machine invented by the genius Leonardo, the brave will rise above the rest “Italy”!

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Europa-Park: Europe for children
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