Disneyland Paris – parade of heroes!

Disney’s parade of heroes is something incredibly awesome! Straight to the heart amazing. And, it would seem, not so much the platforms passing by, and characters of these animated all know, and nothing supernatural is happening, but that’s like looking at this procession, whether to cry, whether to laugh and something very warm inside becomes more and more difficult to believe that we live in a world of positivity!

We decided to return to the Country of discoveries, is to ride again on a cosmic roller coaster when he saw the unusual excitement in the Central square.

All these people were standing there waiting for the parade.

Not expecting anything special, we decided to stay and watch. And I do not regret it! In General disney’s parade of characters remained in my memory as one of the most exciting events of the day.

Opened the parade itself Mickey mouse and his girlfriend Mini.

They welcome all waving hands and posed!

On the same platform could be seen and Donald duck in sailor hat.

Well, on the back of the platform was perched goofy

After dancing, it was some toseparate green creatures.

Followed by the full platform toy, known to many in all three parts of disney’s “toy Story”. Still, by the way, so no part of and did not look.

Well, these three characters, I think anyone present will not have. Or will have? Anyway, for those who don’t know, I ask to love and favor: Tiger, Piglet and Eeyore

And here is the Winnie-the-Pooh, as always, do not leave with a sweet honey pot!

Captain Hook’s assistant for some reason decided to walk.

While Peter pan enters the area on a pirate ship!

Well, after passed the worst platform with the negative characters of disney cartoons.

And ended all the action platform on which you can see all the disney princesses and princes together

That’s all. Went into the sunset

Here and fairy tales end, and who listened – well done. Don’t miss tomorrow morning’s story about the Disney village!

It was sad to leave all these wonderful characters of my childhood. If you want to keep someone in memory, you can help t-shirt disney. Another colorful t-shirt with their favorite cartoon is a great gift for a child.

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