Disneyland Paris

July 17, 1955 Disneyland opened its doors to the world with these words: “All who enter this happy place: Welcome! Disneyland created for the ideal, dreams and realities, which created America in the hope that everyone will be able to obtain the power to stock up the joyful mood and inspiration.”

Age when inside he’s dying child. So say the psychologists. Those, within whom the child has not died, will be able to take heart in the vicinity of Paris, in the famous Disneyland Park . The main entrance to the Park is like a fairytale castle, which as if by magic moved there from the French Loire valley. In its vicinity is the tower of Sleeping beauty, roam Mickey mouse and characters from other famous cartoons daily give visitors a real show. They will invite You to ride the rides, and offer to buy themed souvenir at a local shop, and spend in a restaurant or café. They can also show You the Holy of holies – the Disney Studio . where talk about how to make films and make cartoons. Stay in Disneyland Park is the best way to relax and get away from the problems of the modern adult world. The main thing only – not to be too upset with the forced return.

Disneylandhotel 32 km away from Paris. The Park is a 45-minute drive from the French capital. The Park is open all year round. In the summer, in July and August, the mode of operation 9.00-23.00, in the rest of the year – 10.00-20.00. Is the ticket valid for all rides in the Park.

The ticket price for 1 day: 60 euros. You can purchase a ticket for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days.

To get to the Park from Paris, best for a special metro line “RER”, it only takes 40 minutes and you will come to the main entrance to the Park.

By car from Paris, it is necessary to go into the fast lane of the A4 and leave at the exit 14 “Val d’europe, Parc Disneyland”.

The Park consists of 5 parts: “Main street U. S. A” – 5 attractions, 15 shops, 2 restaurants (a La carte) and 8 restaurants (buffet). As soon as guests enter the Disneyland – fall on main street, which is reminiscent of America at the turn of XIX – XX centuries. Here, strolling Disney characters and are colorful parades. Here is a station of the “Main street” of the Disneyland railroad. “Frontierland” – 10 rides, 1 theatre, 1 shop, 2 restaurants (a La carte) and 3 restaurants (buffet). You will become part of the American Wild West-join the cowboys, Indians, and settlers of the town of the late nineteenth century. You will feel the gold seekers. See adventures of Mickey mouse and Tarzan at the theatre “Chaparral”. “Adventureland” – 6 rides, 4 shops, 1 restaurant (a La carte) and 5 restaurants (buffet). Enter the world of Indiana Jones! You will jump over bridges, through waterfalls and to repel the attacks of pirates. And after all this, the adventure is just beginning on a 360 degree roller coaster. “Fantasyland” – 13 attractions, 1 theater, 7 shops, 1 restaurant (a La carte) and 6 restaurants (buffet). You will get into the world of Peter pan – “Never Land”! Can fly with Dumbo the elephant himself, Peter pan. “Discoveryland” – 9 rides, 1 theater, 2 stores, 2 restaurants (buffet). Get ready for an intergalactic adventure. Speed, illusion and mysticism are guaranteed. And when you go outside, your eyes open a gallery fans of star travel. The only kind they have is not heroic.

To travel from one area fabulous country to the other one on the train route which passes through the picturesque lagoons, river valley and hills.

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