“Disneyland” in Korean

The largest on the planet amusement Park under a roof will be a bright discovery for children and their parents.

Theme Park in Seoul, Lotte World is a real record. This centre was entered in the Guinness Book of records as the largest theme Park under a roof in the world. Children visit Lotte World will surely remember, because it offers numerous attractions, scenic lake, an ice rink, puppet theatre, cinema and other miracles.

One of the most important attractions of South Korea Park Lotte World – began to operate in 1989. Fairytale world for children and adults functioning in the district Chamsil. Today Lotte World competes with Tokyo disney resort attendance.

The world of fantasy and adventure full of visitors all year round, it works without weekends and holidays. Especially a lot of tourists happens in the Lotte World in the days of the performances, laser shows and festivals. For example, in spring in Seoul is the Venetian festival masks, and in summer – Brazilian carnival. Winter Park be sure to visit Santa with the elves.

Seoul entertainment centre consists of an indoor Park and under the open sky on the territory of which is a pond. And part of the roof – glass, osveshenia it is natural. Externally, the main building of the South Korean Park resembles a medieval castle, in a similar style and all other buildings, decorative elements. Internal theme Park “Adventure”, and “Magic island”.

“Adventure” is divided into a number of sectors. Each of them represents a specific country. In the inner part of a lot of shops with Souvenirs and sweets, cafes and restaurants. The four-storey building is a mandatory attribute of any amusement Park – a colorful carousel. Not do in the center of children’s dreams, and without roller coasters.

In the building of the Park is the real water cave which intrepid adventurers travel on the ship of Sinbad the sailor. And panoramic views of Lotte world, lets ride “Aeronaft” in the form of balloons, which the little explorers go around the perimeter.

The outside part of Lotte World holds a huge number of high-altitude rides. On the territory of the “Magic island” Park guests waiting for the skating rink and Museum, a small lake. More precisely, the island itself is located in the middle of the pond. And if the open part may not be available for visitors in bad weather, when some rides do not include security considerations, the domestic sector of the world’s largest thematic centre work in any weather.

Just both parts of the Lotte world, there are more than 40 high-speed and high-altitude rides for children of all ages. For example, adults, can thrill to the “Giant loop”.

A huge amusement Park is hard to miss. If you move to Seoul by taxi, guided by a green line subway station, Jamsil (Jamsil), the station number is 216. It is possible to get from the metro to the centre on the underground Lotte World shopping Mall.

The pride of Seoul operates almost until midnight. Therefore, to get together for rides with the whole family or with friends can be both day and evening. The mode of operation of the centre depends on the day of the week: weekdays from 9.30 to 22.00 and Friday to Sunday from 9.30 to 23.00.

The cost of entry into the world of miracles can not be called available to everyone, but you can save money on entertainment, if you purchase an annual subscription. By the way, this card gives a lot of advantages. Its owners can receive SMS notifications about various events in the Park Lotte World concerts or shows, holiday events, or even the shooting of films and TV series. Also discount coupons often give during the holidays as Souvenirs.

The price of the tickets depends on many factors, including time of stay. The cost of entry is lower in the evening hours. Hiking in the Lotte World will be cheaper if you don’t choose the attraction, Museum and theatre and just walk around the grounds and look at the numbers of artists. Season tickets are also divided into several types, the most expensive is platinum.

Tourists in Lotte World will be more interesting because this giant complex includes not only the world of entertainment, but also a shooting gallery, bowling, outlet, supermarket, hotel, cinema and much more. Theme Park in South Korea will give fantastic emotions and toddlers, and older children, and this attraction in Seoul is loved by couples in love.


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