Decorative structures

Decorative structures are built often purely for aesthetic reasons. In simple words – it is much nicer to live on the server when you are surrounded by beautiful statues, fountains and many beautiful buildings. Consider the various Ornamental buildings!

The establishment of such buildings the player, using your imagination, comes up with own design in the style of the decoration, not functioning, and only decorating the environment in the game, that is non-decorative.

Gallery funny statues, useless structures, but in the real world and in minecraft, the statue is purely decorative structure, carries the meaning of a sculptor.

Podnatorev in volumetric design, the players love to create statues. An object of veneration, embodied high status of the player. Sculptor can be any player, and a material – any object. Use any materials and blocks. And the allowed sizes of the statues do not limit your requests, from the youngest to ascend to the clouds masterpieces.

Pixel-art pictures composed of blockw and having a two-dimensional structure. If the structure is three-dimensional, it can be classified as a Statue.

Of colored blocks of pixels it is possible to draw color pictures. This files most often is used for such purposes colored wool.

Fontanarrosa yards of the players, because they are beautiful. But if to surround this fountain grass and put in the center of the fountain switchmen, your fountain will still be illuminated. The fountain can be not only of water but of lava, which still she glows.

Large decorative buildings

And you poorly for such a build. No! Then what are you waiting for, mark up, all hands anchor me in the side. )

This is built for the art of the pyramid, airports, ships, churches do not participate in the gameplay, but the decorating world.

Pretty creepy place! If it is lard by skeletons, zombies, a couple griefers will definitely be resting in these graves.

The cemetery in the game is also decorative. You can embellish the cemetery crypts with an iron door, the gravel pathways. Even before the door to put the pressure plate and under it to bury the dynamite. Just need to bury it deeper, or blow up the whole cemetery. Can finish to the cemetery dungeon with portals and spawnenemy zombies, frightening sounds which, as well as possible will create an atmosphere of the other world.

The cemetery is used as intended, that is, bury them dead, only on servers with hardcore mode. On a cemetery it is desirable to have a guard to protect from vandals, ruining the graves.

Pretty clever construction, I wonder where it starts and where it end?!

The same roller coaster in America is called “coaster”. But in the game there are many servers and maps. Railway tracks with gold rails are connected in complex configuration.

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