Central Park of Novosibirsk

Experts will share the Central Park of Novosibirsk area for children and extreme rides

Social activists, architects and ecologists discussed the future zoning of Central Park. Part of the territory near the theatre of musical Comedy will be reconstructed, hasstate from St. Kamenskaya demolished. New Park Director intends to seek income, as the budget of its establishment is empty and offers to leave the carnival. The locals are happy to walk in the Park with the kids, but complain of broken tracks.

Central Park is overloaded with attractions, but this is the territory of the cemetery – note the experts. “Today, we have to determine what to do with the Park – to assess the potential of the territory. Each Park to find your character. All 9 parks of Novosibirsk is absolutely not similar to each other, but perform typical functions – everywhere stage, amusement rides, children’s Playground, kiosks with fast food,” – said the adviser to the mayor of Novosibirsk, an architect and urban planner Alexander Lozhkin. He noticed – the least used potential PKIO “the Ob sea”.

The newly appointed Park Director Alexander Golman discussed key issues with an expert panel. “Parsegova is in a catastrophic financial position. That we are here to earn money for the reconstruction of the Park is a utopia. Park interferes with wild undergrowth, the Park has no agronomist. From the Frunze are extreme rides for adults, in winter nothing happens here,” he listed the Director of the recreation Park “Central” Alexander Golman. He added – from the city budget will allocate funds for the improvement of roads and trails in the Park.

According to the adviser of the mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Lozhkin, all city parks are absolutely not similar to each other, but perform typical functions – everywhere stage, amusement rides, children’s Playground, kiosks with fast food.

The locals walk in Central Park every day. “Without a Christmas tree not so elegant this year, we got used to it. Children don’t prevent loud music, they like to sing, to dance, to have fun. But the tracks in the Park such that you can break his legs, ashamed to walk on them when there is no snow”, – shared his impressions with the correspondent of “NN” mother with a baby named Nina. She noticed – usually mothers with children are walking in the Park before and after lunch.

Part of the territory of Central Park is a reconstruction of the Theatre of musical Comedy, and it will affect the atmosphere of the Park. “The economic case is designed for demolition, but then this land will be returned to the Park. Formally cut off until the area between the housing and the Park. The plots have already been formed, just the construction now is not” – said Alexander Golman. The Director considers that the theme to remove from the Park is impossible, but you need to separate them from the area walking with strollers.

Until March 31, citizens can participate in the poll about efficiency of activity of heads of local governments of city districts and municipal districts of Novosibirsk oblast and heads of unitary enterprises and institutions operating at the municipal level, providing services to the population of municipalities of the Novosibirsk region.

Eyewitnesses suggest that on a poor dog tortured until he died.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to work with foreign partners

Small and medium-sized enterprises of Novosibirsk feel on the international market is not as confident as a big business. Especially for them, the branch unions and the city’s chamber of Commerce can arrange for the effective conduct foreign economic activities.

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