Amusement Park (Noumea)

Swings, roundabouts and cars…

The amusement Park at all times remains a favorite vacation spot of children and adults (not all, but some ).

A few years ago in Gelendzhik was created by extreme amusement Park “Admiral Vrungel” — with a huge Ferris Wheel, the tall “Cobra” and other “powerups” of adrenaline. Having existed for three years, it was closed and completely dismantled (leaving only the entrance and the fence ).

So today in Gelendzhik, again, only TWO of the Town theme:

the first (and will be considered further) — near the center of the city, near the Stadium on Kirov street (and city clinic). To get into the Park is easiest via the waterfront (if You walk). But Parking can be a problem. After seven in the evening, you can leave your “iron horse” around the clinic. During daylight hours this “trick” will not work .

— the second Park on the promenade roughly in the middle of the Bay — details HERE. This Park is open only in summer.

Amusement Park (Noumea)

Our family trip to the amusement rides have been scheduled for the evening (when it’s not so much hot). Besides the amusement Park in Gelendzhik is open until midnight (and even a little longer). Leaving the car near city clinic, we passed on the crosswalk (caution:this place has no traffic lights, but drivers usually drive slow and pass pedestrians) Kirov street and the Town attractions.

This is the stop of the free bus to Safari Park about City clinic on Kirov street in Gelendzhik I discovered by accident (could be someone such information useful):

Amusement Park in Gelendzhik start right outside, and the street of Kirov:

On the left (behind the fence of the stadium) go-karts (from 6 years):

In the amusement Park of Gelendzhik except all kinds of entertainment structures, there are stalls and cafes, and small exhibitions:

Tickets for all attractions in Noumea are only sold at the box office (there are several). While at the box office posted not only rides with the specified next value of tickets, but very interesting announcement:

— cost of a single admission ticket for all amusement rides for children from 11 to 16 hours — 350 rubles,

— cost of a single admission ticket for an adult (from 11 to 16 hours) — 650 rubles.

I estimated that the (wholesale ) to buy cheaper, because individual attraction costs from 100 rubles and above, and all of the attractions in this town — more than 30.

If you stand with your face to the sea, to the left in the Town attractions is a passage to the Mall with Souvenirs:

Roll on kreuseler you can go to the beach. Personally, we went to the beach Gardens of the seas – painfully it we liked .

Bus stop near the amusement Park called “the Stadium “Spartak” — any bus going in the direction of the thick toe on Kirov street — ask the driver he will take You to this bus stop or not. But if You are in the center of Gelendzhik, Park better walk — it will take 5-10 minutes (depending on Your start.

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