Amusement Park for boys – Ferrari World

The first theme Park Ferrari world and the largest indoor amusement Park. well, it was not to be missed 🙂

The Park is located on Yas island next to Formula 1 track. From the hotel we went here about 15 minutes by taxi.

The amusement Park was built within 2 years and opened in 2010. At the entrance there are Starbucks

Inside you can see various cars Ferrari

And of course ride the rides. Here is the map of the Park, which is issued at the entrance

There are quite baby bumper cars with

Or travel to the motor car, the Ferrari ( not terrible, but is constantly pouring water and getting soaking wet), 4D rides.

On the Central area of the Park is the ride the G-Force. From the looks not very scary – raise to a great height and then descends slowly. While standing at the entrance to the attraction, I don’t really understand what makes him so special.

In practice it turned out that the feeling is quite nasty With great speed you get at 62 meters from the ground and seat stop. While you’re coasting take off, and then the full feel the force of gravity. And these fractions of seconds when you’re expecting that now uhnet down the most dangerous and unpleasant

Well, perhaps the most famous attraction for which many come here – the Formula Rossa. This is the fastest coaster in the world

It is a pneumatic roller coaster, which accelerates to 240 km in 5 seconds. All issued safety glasses.

After the wagons pass the entire route, which is about 2 minutes, I feel dizzy, legs trembling and weak. Even grown men came out of the attraction swaying and turning pale. I realized that adrenaline I lacking in life and this kind of amusement rides is not for me.

After Fiorano GT Challenge Formula Rossa seemed like child’s play. A typical roller coaster. The only unusual two parallel rails and two rows of vagankov go, competing with each other

There are several restaurants with Italian cuisine, but I thought the food pretty mediocre.

The Park is definitely worth your attention and worth a visit. The only thing I decided that the coolest rides is still suitable for adults, although children there is what to drive.

And our stay in Abu Dhabi came to an end and in the evening we went to Dubai .

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