Amusement Park “Carousel” is waiting for you!

Vacation in the capital have long ceased to be a problem, despite the frantic pace of the capital. And this is understandable – after all, among the bars and night clubs, enterprises, banks and supermarkets in various districts of Moscow, located our amusement parks “Carousel.” From the very beginning of its existence, our theme parks began to acquire a General love and delight. Parks are developing rapidly, attractions are updated and built a new one, able to give unforgettable experiences. Moms and dads, grandparents, children and grandchildren will always remember the minutes and hours spent on our rides.


In connection with the transition to the winter regime from October to March, the rides are open during weekends, public holidays and school holidays from 11.00 to 20.00. Parks in Marino and at Poklonnaya hill will be temporarily closed. Work schedule may vary depending on weather conditions and activities.

The theme of our company on the red square!

November 28 at the red square opened a skating Rink of GUM and Christmas fair, which is not the first year working on our rides. We invite everyone to go ice skating and the carousel! For more information You can look in the “news”section.

Our amusement parks

Amusement parks “Carousel”include entertaining facilities for adults and children – extreme, children’s and family rides, a Ferris wheel and bouncy castles, ice cream and cafes, and just loved all the cotton candy and popcorn! All of you will be able to choose the entertainment according to their capabilities, moods and desires. You will find here slot machines, rides and simulators, 3D movies, and more, and get a whole rainbow of experiences and emotions every day, without weekends and breaks! Our amusement is perfect for everyone who do not have enough adrenaline for the risk takers and extreme sports.

Incredible attractions for children and parents, and extreme fun are waiting for you in our parks the Northern Tushino, on Poklonnaya hill, South Butovo and other areas of the capital. Agree that there is no better way to dispel depression, to amuse the children, or simply from the heart to laugh than entertainment in the parks rides! Maybe you want to dispel their sadness in another way – for example, to shoot? There will be entertainment for you!Tyr has always been considered one of the most popular attractions for children and adults, from the time of our grandparents. Check your aim and hit our target!

Attractions for every taste

On our rides you will experience a real drive. What is one attraction of “Virtual Reality”, in North Tushino. Sitting in this virtual simulator, you will experience the real feeling of riding on an extreme roller coaster, or the feeling that jumping from a skyscraper, and many more that you will experience, arriving at our theme Park. You can yell and laugh, easy to let the will of emotions. Here do not need your mask is a solid employee of the company. In our parks you can watch live this life.

Will fit our rides and family people. Show your kids our parks and your stay will be the most unforgettable and bright. What is an octopus, which keeps the little ones entertained in Northern Tushino. Despite the menacing look, the children are happy and full of the feeling of security circling in boats, which the octopus is holding in his strong tentacles. And trying at least once, they ask for this entertainment again and again!

Or do you want to ride with the whole family? Then you perfect the Ferris Wheel Orekhovo-Zuyevo. This attraction is located here for quite some time, but it overhauled and replaced parts of the machinery. Attraction painted in bright colors, and due to Troubleshooting and new grease you can absolutely safely up to a height of 26 metres and take a look together with a bird’s eye view on the capital.

Seeing the attraction “the Sun”, located in Dubna, many adults will smile, remembering his childhood. Little smiling wheel display with a slowly rising and falling cradles can’t leave anyone indifferent. On Poklonnaya hill kids will be happy to ride on a little train carrying them from Romashkovo to meet the spring! Those who are older, waiting for electric cars and racing tracks! And if your child most of the diaper dreams of flying, don’t deny him the pleasure – ride on the plane or helicopter! Perhaps in the future, having felt the feeling of flying, your children will become real pilots and maybe astronauts!

Very young children and preschool children will be delighted to travel in small trailers rolling their visitors at Luna Park “Carousel” in South Butovo. The wagons are moving along a winding path that makes a short trip more fun. The attraction is absolutely safe and parents can feel at ease to put their child in one of the trailers.

We give joy to Your children!

We create rainbow, Sunny mood to children and their parents! But what’s our secret? That we know what will never refuse Your kid, regardless of his mood! It’s fun entertainment and attractions! Network of amusement parks “Karusel” in Moscow is glad to offer for a family holiday carousels, slot machines. A variety of attractions waiting for your family at Luna Park “Carousel.” Come!

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