Amusement Park “Asterix”

The Asterix Park is built thanks to the incredible popularity of the heroes of the French comic book Asterix, Obelisk and their friends! Here you can get acquainted not only with them but with their life. It is a fascinating journey through the pages of world history, fantastic attractions, spectacular spectacles, adventurous adventures, new meetings and acquaintances … all seasoned with subtle French humor!

If while traveling in Paris you have some time, try to visit this home, rowdy and crazy, the Park Asterix, the center of which sits on a rock funny Gal and provocatively winking at everyone who decided to visit his domain.

Via Antiqua, the most famous road in the vicinity of Rome. To pass in the Gallic village, you need to go through many adventures and be prepared for incredible surprises. Here you will see came straight from England the big Ben, a typical Dutch windmill, shops with shop Windows displaying the Gallic and Roman armor.

Amusement Park “Asterix”, France

Roman Empire – find yourself in a magical tale of ancient centuries. The star Empire under the leadership of Krasus of Maculosa prepared for you, full of stunning magic program with acrobatic trukumai rooms in synchronized swimming. Rafting on huge circles, try to avoid entering the whirlpools, waterfalls, geysers, which are typical for inexperienced travelers at every turn. No one knows the recipe for a magical medicine that makes the Gauls invincible, despite all the scouts flying over the village on the Gallic chariots. Don’t tell them anything, and do try to learn the recipes of Roman cuisine: find out the secret of the famous pie at Ciusa of Pizzarium or a quick snack in “Roman history.” If you want to get on the back of Obelix, to take on Board a dragon boat or to ride a warhorse – simply make a small circle on the Carousel of Caesar!

Ancient Greece. A small respite. Rafting on the river of Elis (Elis Riviere d) on a cute Greek boats, painted in Provencal colors. Protect the force – in front of you will clash with Lanskoi Hydra! This mythical snake with seven heads, known since the 2nd labor of Hercules, may cause you to squirm in her tentacles with blinding speed!

The Dolphinarium is the God of the seas Poseidon gives in his extraordinary theatre performance with participation of trained dolphins and sea lions. Enough to go down to the lower tier of the theater to close to see dolphins, gracefully moving in the water. Friendly animals feel at home here. Fun fact: to fill the pool, need 3 400 000 liter water bottles.

Amusement Park “Asterix”, France

Lake – in the year of the creation of Asterix in 1959, the Gauls wore on his head a helmet with wings, sensitively capture the mood of the hero. Please note, the wings on the helmet of Asterix, as an incontestable proof of his optimism, is always directed upwards. Attention! Goudurix at the lake, admiring the amazing scenery, you might not notice the approaching storm! The biggest will be able to evaluate their endurance in the galley, the little on the flying chairs… an unforgettable experience! Small galls will be able to gradually gain strength, with honor to pass all tests. Everything revolves, flies, rises and falls. A children’s game or the influence of magical potions?

Gallium is primarily the snowy mountains and wooden town. In the Park Asterix all roads lead to a Gallic village, where the people use all their cunning to resist the Romans. The secret weapon of the Gauls magic potion that makes them strong and invincible. But if your heart’s desire is to help Obelix, the Menhir Express will take you to the floating menhirs. High tower created for the exciting descent… in the water!

Amusement Park “Asterix”, France

The village – the spirit of the Gauls is in the Park everywhere, especially in the Village. The stone-built huts, thatched with logs or straw… pastoral picture! Here you can meet Asterix, Obelix and their friends every day after lunch. They are what you imagine them: cocky and agile, brave, cheerful and very honest. Disputes, reconciliation, afternoon rest, it’s not without imagination and fantasy. This is the daily life of the characters.

Paris street – what was it like Paris, no, Lutetia, during the time of the Gauls? Eras and mores mixed up here in the quaint, melisinou humor picture. From the middle Ages to the present day, this walk will turn into an extraordinary journey through time. Here you will meet the troubadours, craftsmen, the three Musketeers and the famous Mona Lisa.

The Gauls were the real artisans, but in the middle Ages they reached the top of the craft. Sculptors in wood, potters, blacksmiths, stone-masons. Walk in the streets of Paris, look at them, go to workshops and watch their work, share their passion for creativity. And if you suddenly get hungry, then you can expect a Royal feast in Halte des Chevaliers!

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