7 of the most incredible attraction of Moscow

The theme is not only adrenaline and sensations, but also knowledge, open for myself something new, unusual. Open it together with interesting places.

1. “MAZE OF FEAR” Maze of fear

Is a network of caves, in the dark, where visitors are confronted with a terrible creature, and fall into an unexpected, frightening traps. Horror add obscure sounds, sudden fiery glare, and the atmosphere is unreal maze. Who wants not one adrenaline rush – welcome to the Novy Arbat street, 15.

2. The Ames Room

This room is created on the principle of optical illusion, psychologist and optometrist Adelbert Ames in 1946. The room is perceived as a rectangle, though, it actually is not. This effect creates a black and white checkered flooring, and uniquely designed wall. People close to the observer looks like a giant, and in the far corner – a dwarf. In addition, when the movement creates the illusion of a sharp change of the size of a man. Fans of psychological experiments, the Crimean Shaft, 9.

3. The mission Control center (MCC)

The plane rises to a height of 6 km. 3 km. it goes vertically, then turn off the engines. Due to this, passengers by 24 seconds experience the state of weightlessness.Per flight this trick is done 10 times. Perhaps bigger than the labyrinth of fear. Who doesn’t want extreme, can visit in the Star. Here is the layout of the space station “Mir” inside of which you can get. And in the Museum space to dine like real astronauts. Korolev, Moscow region, Pionerskaya str., 4

4. Mirror maze

Can visit people after the age of 18 and with a stable psyche. With the help of the dark and all sorts of mystical stuff, you will have some disorientation, and the thrill. Novy Arbat, 15, VDNH, pavilion №2.

5. Flight Simulator Boeing

This mock-up is “Boeing-737” on a mobile base, reproduces all the sensations, as at present piloting the transport. The attraction promises the realism of the feeling of control plane + possible non-standard situations, for example, the failure of one engine. Solve the task on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 12.

6. Soviet slot machines 15 kopecks.

This Museum – a kind of time machine that brings people in the company happy (for someone) childhood and adolescence. All really: cartoons, “Murzilka”, ice cream, vending machines with lemonade for a penny 3, examples of Soviet advertising. And, most importantly, Soviet prices! Ideal for those who want to return the Soviet Union – St. Petersburg, 11.

7. Cabinet of curiosities

It is a Museum on prospect Mira, 119, VDNKH, pavilion No. 2. Who wants to admire the wax people – mutants. This creature with terrible and unusually simple eye physical defects, deprived of something, or endowed by nature. And most importantly, that it actually existed in the past people.

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